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for Empire of Immortals: Story of Alvis

2/12/2003 c1 Jezabel
Why the hell does every Vampire story rip off Anne rice ..please for the love of all thats vampiric STOP! PLEASE! although IT IS good its all too familar to anne rice...and lord byrons stories...try something different.. you'll see what i mean if you read tom hollands the vampire...because your story is the mirror image of it alothough its probably not intentional!
1/10/2003 c3 2cendres
Great story...so far so good, you've got a lot of detail and information. I ask of you one thing...more killing. As a fan of vampires and writing vampire novels myself, I cannot get enough of killing people...helpless people.
1/10/2003 c3 Guest
Pretty good, write more.

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