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for legend

7/31/2003 c2 KimmyKay
I like your story! Waiting anxiously for some MORE! Thx for the review. Keep writing!
12/29/2002 c2 Katie Scarlette
Great chapter again! ooOooOooOooOoo! A Mysterious boy...! That is ALWAYS good! Is it he, perhaps, that is watching over her while she sleeps? Please update soon! The plot is starting to develop, and it is becoming intriguing! Good job!
12/23/2002 c1 Katie Scarlette
Woo hoo, Sara! Great first chapter! (And first story!) Wonderful imagery, and description. The detail of landscape was good, it reminded me of a land like Ireland. I hope you'll continue this story, it has a lot of potential. I could see a great plot too, please work on it and don't give up! Perhaps the next chapter will be a bit longer? lol. Excellent start on a story! Merry Christmas! Update soon!

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