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for Eric's Sunrise

4/30/2003 c3 36Rhia
Wow! I love it. Wish it was longer tho. lol. yeah, I see a connection btween HP and this story. But Ginny here sounds awesome. More grown-up. ^_^ um. I love Heafey! He's so cool. He's trying too hard, but it works out all fine @ the end. Keep writing!

2/3/2003 c2 kassidy
Interesting! Is it just me or is there a very big similarity between Draco Malfoy and Eric? there's even a redhead called Ginny... or maybe I'm just too obsessed about Harry Potter that i see links to it everywhere... Anyway, hope you write more soon... I'm curious to know what will happen...

12/23/2002 c1 4Shiva Darkwater
I'm surprised that there's no reviews for this story. It's very well done. I can't wait for more. Keep up the good work, you're a good writer.

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