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11/28/2004 c1 2Goddess of Muffins
cool as i said i would get along with most of your friends i am just as insane. I think that you write really mice stuff. I cant wait to read your next update. please keep up the good work and i hope you IM me at Princess1sophie, or you can send me a email at . (gets distracted by shinny gun) oh yeah LOVE the story Bus of Insanity.
12/28/2002 c1 Invader Pez
"It's gonna get all huggy and it's gonna cry."

So very me. Well-written, despite the amount of sap. Sickeningly sweet. Appreciate the sentiment, though.

-P.S. Do you reeeeeeeeally think I was sent by -God-? }:P
12/28/2002 c1 6N47R3
quesedilla! cheese and... uhh... thingie... _-draws a blank, that is to say a copy of my mind-_ uhh... tortilla! _-little thinking balloon is shown above head with a screw, a plus sign, and a baseball-_ hey, tis me! oh well. oh, yeah, the review... i really liked it! Christmas on the bus of insanity... with no cops! with Mo and a few friends (they may be hers, but her friends are my friends and they're fun) sorry, i'm more just going on and on than reviewing... oh well.
12/24/2002 c1 Vanessa St. Cloud
Very cute, and caring. You really grasp the X-mas spirit to be about hearts and close friends. Veyr nice, and lvoely insanity. So I am the official cook of the bus once I get kidnapped in the story huh? Cool...I love to cook...and I love my puppy. Merry Christmas, Kyousha, and a happy and exciting New Year to ya...way entertaining little tale.

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