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for A Point Of No Return

5/14/2005 c67 13s-pannrada
OMG I want to read more. I'm sorry for not coming t read your story soon. I'm kind of busy right now. anyway hope to read more.
4/1/2005 c66 lilia
Poor Sally, I feel bad 4 her...

OG!I really should take a look at my spelling before sending messages I wrote son instead of soon in my last review.

Keep writing

bye xoxoxo
3/26/2005 c65 lilia
OMG!It's been so long seens u've updated I just hope u're doing well.Plz plz... update son.

Bye n take care xoxoxo

5/28/2004 c64 Pretty
You haven't updated in so long, Nonki, are you alive?
12/24/2003 c64 lilia
Well, I just wanted to be the 100th reviewer!And *MERRY CHRISTMAS*
12/17/2003 c64 lilia
Sally's so mean, poor Hollet.
Keep writting, it's been a long time seen's u've updated.
8/24/2003 c5 5Nonki
Dear All,

I have revised Chapter 5 of this story. Hopefully there would be *lesser (cannot guarantee there would be NONE) after the revision.

Thank you for reading my story. Appreciated it! ^_^

PS: Do drop me a note if you find any of my chapters are really unreadable. I will try my very best to revise them. Thank you.
8/24/2003 c64 13s-pannrada
Poor Hollet.

Keep writing

8/24/2003 c63 s-pannrada
It's great.
8/23/2003 c5 only being honest
is English your first language?
8/11/2003 c46 11jules2206
i keep on tryin 2 read more but its just so long anyway will read moe soon, BAI!
7/31/2003 c40 jules2206
sorry, i still haven't finished reading this yet, its taking me longer than I expected it to, anyway I'll read more later, BAI!
7/26/2003 c62 13s-pannrada
Nice to see u update very fast.

There's always great reading ur story.

keep updating.

7/23/2003 c61 s-pannrada
I was in an all-girls catholic scholl for 12 years. It was great, however I have nothing to compare with.

btw good chapter. I goota go now. I'm in great hurry. I e- mail you later

7/22/2003 c61 luna
U've finnaly updated, poor Joe he really does love Mel that make me feel sad for him.keep writting ur story is awesome.I wonder how it will end ,I just have to wait.Kal&Sally where so mean to Mel&Joe. I really like the summary.

bye and bonne vacances!

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