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9/17/2003 c12 4CHRISTIDI
Update this story, its so damn good. C'mon we want more
8/26/2003 c12 yinyangqueen
OOH...keep going!...sorry that i havent reviewed in agees...i feel so guilty...please continue!

8/9/2003 c12 87EchoesOfReason
oi-ve...you just love cliffhangers don't you! Lol...well great chapter. Dying to find out the rest. Overjoyed that you LOVE, as you put it, my story. Can't wait to see what happens next, in your story that is. Please do hurry, can't wait forever you know!:)Yes well, keep it up, I love your style of writing. Amazing writer, that you are! Well please, do hurry with the next chapter...ciao!

Love always,

8/9/2003 c12 11DreamNightmare
dude...u suck now lol j/k...this chapter wasnt my favorite tho...but my girls got the blackmail hehe
8/9/2003 c12 6Tragedy is Love
Um, this is interesting! Keep on the work and may i say have a lovely holiday and update asap!
7/29/2003 c11 Vincenza
Great story write more!
7/7/2003 c11 La hN
omg. i love this chapter so much. it was full of action and excitement.::wink wink::
5/31/2003 c11 Kelia

I wanna know what happens!
5/30/2003 c5 sphinx
alright im not trying to be mean or anything but hello? they just went on their first date and met like what? 1 or 2 days ago and already they are in love. and what about that dream of Tyler kissing Michele? this doesnt really make sense and i think ur going really fast ahead with the story. u seem like a really cool writer because i read ur other stories which were pretty cool but..these are just some suggestions from me. it might also make the story more realistic to the readers. but still a great story
5/30/2003 c11 kym
That was a really good chapter. A lot of cusing though but still it was great.
5/30/2003 c11 3Glenfinnan Girlie
Hey Chelsea. Ur story is kinda weird but i aint critisizin u coz i like weird stories. ok. ur storys good, sept its a ickle bitty fast. um, well, please continue when u can. My exams are all over !

I am so happy! Just thot id let u no!
5/30/2003 c7 Kirstills
uv posted this chapter twice. just thot id let u no. quite good so far. please continue.
5/30/2003 c11 11DreamNightmare
i was on the edge of my seat loser! UGH lol...good work...well...gotta do that religion proj due next wk...cya!
5/23/2003 c10 Kym
really good story. i can't wait to see what they do since Liz walked in.
5/22/2003 c10 krazylildevil
OMG! ur story is so god damn good! u hav to WRITE MORE!
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