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for Never Again, Never Another

9/19/2006 c1 13wilted paper flowers
That was awesome. That deserves ten reviews and many more. I can tell you wrote this with your heart. It almost made me cry, it was so sad. I understand how a widow feels now. -sigh- Did that ever happen to you? Just wanted to know, it sounded like a first-hand experience. No offense!

Great one-shot. Loved it.
3/6/2006 c1 centi
well quite a meloncholy piece indeed but also holding an important message. We all have milestones in our life, we all lose loved ones, but she managed to move on. I rather enjoyed it and I think it was just the right length. Also written much better than most of the fiction on this site. Thanks for writing it.
4/19/2003 c1 16Violet Princess
That was so sad-I was about to seriously cry! What do you meen a happy ending? You said to be honest, so I will be. How can she just remarry after missiing him so much! No offense, but I could never do that. Anyway, it was really well written.
1/3/2003 c1 1Dr. Fredrick
Serena Kathleen!


-slaps her computer-

i realize that she promised to remarry...but if she really was in love with the guy...

it was really good tho!

-wipes the tear from her cheek-

you spelled a few words wrong tho...-lol-


(that was sam)

Ashley has different views on the story tho...here she goes...

I thought it was very good! I think it was good that she remarryed. (I can't spell! Sam points out.) I liked the way you wrote it! Kinda like a journal or somthing! :

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