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for Sam, The love story

6/24/2003 c46 6nats56
Great story. The only thing i might work on though is spelling and sentence structure. Well I really like the whole story! Good job!
5/11/2003 c46 9silverbluewind
That was amazing. speechless
5/8/2003 c41 6nats56
5/8/2003 c37 nats56
STUPID ASS KEVIN! god you cant do that to her
5/8/2003 c36 nats56
omg thats so mean of him you go sam! lol

sorry this is what happens when you get into the story
5/8/2003 c33 nats56
oh no... ahh what will happen... tum di tum
5/8/2003 c31 nats56
oh no... dont dont dont ruin this
5/8/2003 c30 nats56
aaw poor guy
5/8/2003 c29 nats56
aaw thats so sweet!
5/8/2003 c28 nats56
aaw omg im almost crying!
5/8/2003 c27 nats56
aaw so cute!
5/8/2003 c24 nats56
5/6/2003 c21 nats56
still good... i like the last phrase! hehe... ill read more when i have the time!

hehe well ttyl and thanks alot for reviewing!
5/6/2003 c20 nats56
hahaha this is awesome! the only thing that makes it confusing is the grammar... but its okay
5/5/2003 c15 nats56
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