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for bad set

1/19/2003 c1 1Vicky2
hey this is a very good story, please tell me about it when u have more stories coming up ;)
1/2/2003 c1 3Text-Addict

1) "it's case was made out of wood and the buttons were on the right side. "

Reminds me of my grandpa's TV set, from the 50s or something. The one where there's a wooden TV cover. They don't make 'em like they used to. :-(

Afterthought: Au contraire. It's a great story. It's kinda what I want to do for my next story. Kinda. DOn't say I'm gonna rip you off. ;-)

But yeah, the idea IS original. And your word-flow is excellent. I give this piece a 5/5 stars (which is rare). Hope thre's more stuff from you. :-D

-Textie, the fussy reviewer

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