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for Beauty Queen

1/9/2006 c1 25cornered.sensations
written so well, very deep as well
8/22/2005 c1 4inthemiddle
chilling. absolutely chilling.
8/22/2005 c1 24Hazeleyed Everglades
Very nice! It really painted this beautifully sad picture in my head.
1/17/2001 c1 jo
this is quietly lifechanging. very deep- amazing
12/20/2000 c1 15Opal Soul
It was good. I didn't quite understand the two lines right before the last... but maybe I'm just tired. Anyway, if you feel strongly about this, then you've definitely expressed your feelings well.
12/18/2000 c1 30Lioness Black
You inspired me to read some poetry. So I decided to start with yours. And I really liked it. As I was reading it, I just got this automatic mental image. And that is something I love.~Lioness

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