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for Our Only Sunrise

2/6/2003 c1 BioGuyer
*wipes a tear from his eye* simply beautiful. If you dont like this story, you need to open your eyes. I wish my stories were as vivid as this. To WalkingOnWater *smiles* keep wriing.
1/29/2003 c1 Kittioto
OOPS! ~Major sweatdrop~ Aaah... jus' realized, I gave you the wrong title for meh' poem... er.. no matter, you've read it anyhow. ^_^** "Another Sunset" is the one I meant. Silly me! I think it t'was your title that threw me off... I should really, really get more sleep... o_0 Anywhoozles, yep, great piece! ^^ Loved reading it. As usual.
1/29/2003 c1 50Kittioto
... Nice. Very, very nice.

~Slowly applauds, as she stares at the screen~

What can I say? That was very well done. And even though the moral tends to be very used, and some people may find it cheesy, even... ... it's not. That's something that's wrong with people today. Especially my own generation. We're sooo... fixed on being... DIFFERENT. And unique. So much so, that we start sounding callus, and cold... rude, and casual to an extent that it could hurt those around us.

Though I suppose the majority of people in the world have been like that for a very long time. Still gets you thinking, though. The older we get, the worse it becomes, seemingly. People start to... not care. Figure in on there busy lives that the opinions or secret feelings of others aren't their problem, and therefore are not worth their time, or consideration in the least.

Well, in short, this was a dreadful - and somehow inspiring - replay of my school years. I can't say I enjoyed them, and I have always, ALWAYS been somewhat of a melodramatic poet... which made me, shall we say... somewhat... antisocial. ~Frowns a little~

However, this story also has a wonderful uplifting tone to it. ^_^ It sort of reminds me of one of my poems... ... not that I DON'T have a MILLION poems, or anything... but "My Only Sunrise" seems similiar in one or two aspects. Mikey changed my life in so many ways. He's... the world to me. Even changed who I am to an extent... even if a handful of other people also helped that along. But the amazing thing is, it's all changed for the better. And even as I look around and am disgusted with the world filled with anger, and pompous, rude people... it's always a comfort.

Well ANYWHO ~HUGE SIGH~ this got me thinkin'. Could'ya tell? ^_^**

Well done, and thought-provoking concepts I believe should ALWAYS be promoted. :) Great job, Nikki.
1/3/2003 c1 Marigold
AMAZING! That was some great detail you added to that! I got the moral too! If you give people a chance in the world you can change their lives, right? Yeah, oh well if thats not right i tried anyways! This almost made me cry! It was great, i loved it.



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