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4/17/2004 c3 24katmonkey
Great poems and the one about the mustache is funny!
BTW. Nice job on your bio.
2/9/2004 c1 8Frantic Stillness
VERY CUTE! I love them (in a wierd way)... The mustache one is escpecially entertaining.
10/4/2003 c3 2electrikmuse
Really short, but I like the one about the owl, very twisted.
9/21/2003 c3 63Tears To Angelic Eyes
o.o I'm close to the 8th-grade level. If you have any time you can read my poems. Anyways, I think they're better than most people can do in 8th grade. +adds you to my favorite author list+
8/3/2003 c3 26Ares1020
Your first poem Inspired me... to wipe my nose. your second one lost me. there are dead people on green paper,named bill, valued one 10 20 5? OH aha I get it *hits head on wall* stupid stupid stupid. Your third one inspired many questions. did the girl die? how come an owl talked? can you get an owl to talk to me? can I buy that owl? do Owls taste good? Ok im done. seriusly though you wrote better in 8th grade than I do now In 9th.
7/11/2003 c3 35Dark Enchanted
Interesting, very interesting. But, weird stuff is usually the best stuff. Very good. Very good
7/11/2003 c3 220Namir Swiftpaw
Hehe, this is cute...I like it. XD 8th grade...man, I wish I could find all my 8th grade poems! XD XD
1/5/2003 c2 DragonsEclipse
Nice. Better than I would have done in 8th grade. I didn't write poetry then, but I do now. Keep writing! ^_~

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