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4/24/2009 c1 2The Mighty Bed
Dear SMP,

I read this story ("A Girl's Fate") so many years ago and it's definitely one of my favorites. I had the urge to reread it, however, you posted that you wanted to "revamp" and publish the story (it broke my heart that I couldn't read it easily anymore). I checked on google (and amazon) with the same title, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I was hoping you could either tell your loyal fans where it might be and under what name, else, if you could repost it on FP. I'm hoping that after 4 years of no one reviewing, this message gets to you easier and that you have finished what needs to be done to the story.

Heartbroken yet determined fan,

The Mighty Bed

PS: If it wasn't published, then they don't know what they're missing!
8/11/2005 c1 depressedandbored
Rockin' story. Bummer you had to take it off the web. PLEASE HURRY AND POST IT UP HERE AGAIN! Or if you get it published, email me.
8/5/2005 c1 mei yen
=0! that's so great! im reli proud of yu ! it feels like yrs ago wen i first read this story and i stil rememba the excitement i felt w8in for yu to update. it is a wonderful story.

as soon as its in the bookstores i'll b lining up to purchase it! ^.^

verii best of lucks for yu and for yur story !
7/6/2005 c1 3corkscrews
Well, seriously, that's pretty crap.
5/28/2005 c1 huh
why does this say 0 words?
4/3/2005 c1 9Electric Blue Eyeliner
YAY! I personly love your story. Its so good. I would hope for it to be published! LOL. Any way...GOOD LUCK!
4/1/2005 c1 anon
good luck with whatever happens! your a great author!
3/29/2005 c1 2Christine Bahrens
Well ... yeah, that's great and all, but where's the story? You can't just put a note in the first chapter and then not put a chapter with it, lol
3/29/2005 c1 8Hotkitty
Good luk! i hope you do get published, its sure good enough. Email me if/when you do, im sure you'll make it. my support is with you, i just loved this story way too much. :)
3/29/2005 c1 what a dreamer
WTF! I'm new and I didn't even get to finish the story!

I only finished chapter 6!AH! The world is doomed... v_v thanks alot. But anyways, I want a discount on it. Good luck.
3/28/2005 c5 xoxFilipinothrinaxox
I love the story. I also like the relationship between Muriel and Ookami.
1/8/2005 c49 Flower-in-the-Night
Wow that is brilliant! I heard ur fic was wicked so i thought ill check it out and read all of it and if it was seriously gud id review. *sighs thinks dont i just come to the point* Well the fic is the most best well fic ive ever read!
12/28/2004 c49 11Masavi
OMGOMGOMG! LOL, JK.Dis is aweshum.I thought Ookami was killed off the story or something.Anyways... LOLIt was such a good story.You can be sure I'm reading the sequel.Man...
12/16/2004 c10 Masavi
ya still don't care but I'm lovin' it, goilfriend!
12/12/2004 c1 Masavi
As of now, I love it. But something's confusing me that's probably not your fault.
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