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for Room 501

8/8/2004 c3 4Drac-frst
A good beginning. I hope you finnish it soon!
7/19/2003 c3 4angry-sheep-kill-people
I've been reading this story from the start, and i LOVE it!

i would have reviewed sooner, but i only just got registered today! lol too lazy...:~/

keep writing!
4/17/2003 c3 Contia Miran Ice
Sorry, being a bit lazy. I'll log in later. Very interesting story so far. Can't wait for an update.

4/9/2003 c3 9White Raven
oh god! this story is so FUNNY! ha! i want more of it and Zoe! yah man! but you need to tell me how to pronounce all the names (in room 501) threer unique, but hard to pronounce!
1/18/2003 c3 6Misty Spotts
(this is the author)

yo, thanks jess for the details on the "principal" thing. i was just sort of winging it and pretending like i knew what i was talking about. i guess i should have made that clear from the beginning. i don't know a darn thing about dancing companies. so, please forgive all mistakes i make for the sake of enjoying the actual characters, and of course feel free to correct me. ^_^ i'll be back to updating the story next week. tah tah!
1/18/2003 c3 JEss
Nice! Can't wait to see what happens at auditions...ooooh and George! Heh, heh. Update and I will read!
1/18/2003 c2 Jess
Hey, great story so far. The ballet company thing kind of bugs me though...just how the "veteran" has only been there for three years. The "veteran" of a ballet company, or the top dancers, are called principal dancers or just "principal" just FYI. =) Unless you're some terrific dancer, you probably wouldn't be a principal straight out of school and into a company. So anyway...cya, gotta continue reading. =D
1/12/2003 c3 13s-pannrada
I really enjoy it.
1/6/2003 c1 Jillian
ill excuse you form not making the sequel to BB Mabayu bcuz this story is great! the beginning, omg, i love it! can you get more ironic! haha! she showed them...even though she doesnt know it yet. anywayz, im rambling...pls write more! and write more of Zoe too...that story looks good. Cant wait for more!

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