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9/27/2006 c22 15justine dayea
where to start? hm... i think you left some holes in your story like who's Richard (we know he was from Mel's past, but there are some details that make Richard's character somekind of incomplete), what happened to the battle between the Nica and the Lhaam, what happened to Mel's "addiction" and you introduced alot of characters, but not established their characters very well. And the flow of the story seems to be rushed. well, that's just me, I'm such a sucker for details...

as an overall review, I like the plot. As well as your grammar. That is essential in writing a story.

anyways, i think you did a faily good job over there and I'll go back to my pathetic world and read somemore...hehehehe!

salamat sa kuwento!
12/4/2000 c1 KS
Wow! I can't wait to hear the rest, hope it comes out soon! I'm dying to know what happens. :o)

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