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9/26/2006 c16 DragonsEclipse
Jake is a bastard. My opinion hasn't changed about that.

That's sad that she pushed away her mom and Alexia. I hope things turn out well.

Also, I wonder what she plans to do. I think I have an idea, but we'll see. : P
8/5/2005 c16 84this is my love for you
Wow, it took you a whole year to update? You make even my irrate updating habits look bad. Anyway, i read through the whole story and it is pretty good. Update soon, i want to know what happens next!
7/30/2005 c16 Luv2write4u13
Yay! Just when I finish it all you update. That's really nice. The story was good too. I still don't know how Camile could have proof, but at least she could prove they had sex if she keeps the baby and has a DNA test. Jake is really crazy now, and Trent is...something. I don't know what I think anymore.
7/30/2005 c16 51bangbangstartagain
excellent story. a whole year! whoa! and i thought i was a bad updater! LOL. i really hope you update soon. this chapter was awesome.i cant wait for more.latersAT
7/29/2005 c15 5TheRealSeaGreen
That was a great preview. I know it has been a long time since you updated so please do it soon! This is an amazing story, you are a talented writer, and hopefully all of that won't go to waste.
7/29/2005 c12 TheRealSeaGreen
That was a VERY incredible poem. You used a very nice vocabulary selection. I like how Camille didn't blow up at Jake in front of everybody because it probably would've made her look bad instead. After all, the rumors about her was going around and all. And I hate how teachers love embarassing the students. You did write as a teacher very well too. Anyway, I'm not too sure what I think about Trent now either...He's sort of suspicious
7/29/2005 c11 TheRealSeaGreen
I think that it was a nice chapter. I loved how at first Trent tried to toy with her to see if she would confess something, and I can only imagine what's going to happen next. I really hope she stays by her word and tries to do something. I have this friend who says she was raped, but she says it like its no big deal. It's as if she's happy it happened to her so that she can say she's not a virgin. While it's like she brags about it, I'm glad Camille decides not to say anything to anyone unless she feels like she has no better choice.
7/29/2005 c10 TheRealSeaGreen
This was a really awesome written story. poor camille...although i havent been raped i can tell what she was feeling. i wudnt think anyone wud believe me either, especially how jake made it all turn out 2 be. i knew something was twisted about him. im glad u didnt drag the story on either. i just hope she goes to the hospital or something and gets an exam
7/29/2005 c9 TheRealSeaGreen
That was nice. I was glad about the conversation she had with her mom and I can't wait to read about the party.
7/29/2005 c8 TheRealSeaGreen
Whoa, that was a really good chapter. I really want to like Jake more then Trent, but so far Jake is really twisted. I mean, we all just found out what went on in the parking lot, but Jake made it seem like he did nothing wrong. Maybe that's what he feels like though. I guess I may never know.
7/27/2005 c7 TheRealSeaGreen
O that was a really good one. I wonder what is Jake's problem. He's getting so annoying all of a sudden. I just cannot stand this guy!
7/27/2005 c6 TheRealSeaGreen
That was a great chapter. I can't wait to finish reading the rest. You are such a talented writer.
7/26/2005 c5 TheRealSeaGreen
This was definitely a good chapter. I can understand why Camille was jealous, but she was extremely jealous. This was a really good chapter, just like the other ones so far.
7/26/2005 c4 TheRealSeaGreen
I am finally reviewing this again! It has taken me forever, but this awesome story as been on my AOL favorites and I found time to continue reading it. I really love reading about Camille because although I haven't been in her position it is really easy to relate to her. You are such a talented writer and I am eager to read the next chapter, which I am about to do right now.
11/3/2004 c3 TheRealSeaGreen
That was very good!
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