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11/1/2003 c1 22MoLay
It sucks that I can actually personally and physcially relate to everything you write because we used to hang out and stuff. Look, you have a chance to get on the poetry team next year. The only reason he didn't pick you was because he didn't know you-he already had in his head the people he was going to pick. It's not about how we write, he picked us cus one it was our last year(they were seniors) and two we had classes with him, creative writing and stuff. Oh, and by the way we lost because my poem sucked-we would've won if I hadn't scored so low.
9/28/2003 c1 25Damia Raven
how can poetry be within a team? surely it is the writings of the mind onto paper. surely it is not something to be competitive about.

this confounds me!

anyway, interesting poem...
7/28/2003 c1 1l'orage d'absinthe
I grinned as I reached the end of this. It's so true. I hate it when people put you down for your poetry because it's actually got feeling and emotion in it. Because it's note some mushy shit made to win others' approval. But you know what? just keep writing, even if it's only to prove them wrong. that's what i do.
7/22/2003 c1 7Sweetblood7
I really like this poem. It's simple but it's something people can relate to. I didn't make the poetry team at my school neither but that was a good thing since they ended up sucking.
7/3/2003 c1 2TokyoGal90
That really stinks you didn't make it on the poetry team. Your poems are real good! I'm goin to start my own poetry club in my town, to bad you don't live here!( I live in texas) Well..maybe you do and i don't know! lol. I'm rambling...lol. Cya!
6/14/2003 c1 200Ashes of a Willow
I'm sorry about the team situation. It's sad when people won't except certain things if it doesn't fit their expectations or desires. I think you're a great poet, and you speak your mind! go girl! :)
5/17/2003 c1 9Sarina Fannel
Sucks you didn't make the team. Those ppl dinna know what they were talking about. You got more talent then they'll prolly ever dream off. You write in anger...I write what I can't express to others because...I'm afraid of loseing them no matter how much I want to push them away..
3/25/2003 c1 36unexplainedmuse
dont listen to that bullshit.

poems are emotions flowed from a pen to paper,.

whichever feeling you need to vent scratch it out of a notebook.

it helps heal your mind.

thats why i write, probably why you also write.

regardless of what anyone says your poetry will always be great because it helped you when you needed it the most,
3/4/2003 c1 8willetts
2/24/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
Ah, don't worry poetry is art and art is in the eye of the beholder.

~Heart of the Sword
1/18/2003 c1 31Cindy Moon
lolz man i see how you take your anger out in words. Good stuff here...

a lil work on the couplets but dats all

oooo and thanx sho much for reviewing for mine I SHO APPRECIATE IT!

*off to read some more of your stories... i just spotted a digimon fic... anime forever!*

uhhhh yea ignore mai ranting. Keep writing.

I look forward to reading some more of your poetry
1/10/2003 c1 51Dark angel of the lake
interesting. I like people who write poetry that doesn't fit with the normal suff. good job.
1/10/2003 c1 26Helenlicious
Yeah, f*ck the poetry team. You have talent, yes, and a hell of a lot of it. Don't let others judge you. Wait, am I judging you...? Sorry. Good poem.

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