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9/20/2004 c2 6WakkoRyan
I like my cat and can only say good things bout her, but I'm not a sappy person, so I can't write anything about her, so I always enjoy coming upon cat haiku.
4/17/2004 c2 6hannahdris
Wait. You write funny things, AND you own cats? What else can I ask for in an author?
I have two cats myself. One my family actually owns, because she was abandoned by her (stray) mother, so we've cared for her since she was six weeks old. She's only seven months now, and very hyper, and acts more like a puppy. Seriously, she eats everything in sight, she plays fetch with paper balls, and she licks our socks!
My other kitty was a stray that we took in when he was six or seven months old. He loves to be outside, and does spend a good portion of the day out if we let him. So, I'm not sure we own him. It's more like he own himself.
But, what am I blabbing about me for in a review? This is supposed to be about you and you work. Um, well, they were very nice Haikus (I didn't count the syllables or anything). They sound quite realistic to me.
Cats rule!
2/17/2003 c2 34Kayochen
Aw, I love kitty-cats! Yours sound so cute!

My cat finds pleasure

In sitting down on my face.

She wants to kill me.

Hee hee, write more!
1/14/2003 c2 39speckled-rock
Cute haikus...^_^
1/12/2003 c2 206MoshiMoshiQueen
Cute! I liked them!

1/11/2003 c1 6Summer.Days
Hahaha! that was funny! I would like to read some more!
1/11/2003 c1 34Kayochen
Awwww, cute! Your cat reminds me of my own:

My furry brained cat

Thinks that mewing at the wall

Will acheive something

Please continue! ^ ^

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