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4/22/2003 c1 28yet another running mouth
This reminds of me of the many times I have fallen ass-backwards down the stairs at my High School, only to arise red-faced and accept the laughing applause of my many classmates. Ah, good times, good times...
2/8/2003 c1 1Fulcrum
Very amusing. That's the problem with people flying, they never seem to miss the ground...If she ever attempts to fly again, write another poem, it was most entertaining.
2/8/2003 c1 5Naja Copperleaf
I really like the vocabulary you use in your poetry. They're very well-writen. This one is quite entertaining! ;)
1/12/2003 c1 2Fox Mikale
Very nice, creative. Pleasure to read.
1/12/2003 c1 Lucas Harper
Fantastic peice of fun! It ryhmes well and made me laugh.
1/11/2003 c1 31CaramelMacchiato
Quite amusing, I must say! Interesting friend you have. By the way, in the eighth line, you left out the e in happened. Well done, anyway!
1/11/2003 c1 24psychochick3
Yep, it's ME! And I AM the QUEEN!

For all of you uninitiated, this poem is about me. I fell off the top of a climbing wall, and managed to land on several people at the bottom, thus avoiding a broken leg. Instead I'm hobbling about on my sprained ankle, accompanied by a multitude of cuts and bruises, and it's not very fun. But at least I get to entertain people with my Humpty Dumpty story. Next time you fall off a 15 foot wall, see how many people you can make laugh at your predicament. ;P

To make it worse, a few months I had managed to fall off another climbing pole in the same course, and sustained multiple contusions and lacerations. When I remembered this, I cracked up laughing, thus scaring many people who thought that I had taken a blow to the head. No, I just really am that insane.

Anyway, under influence of pain and caffeine I told this nutcase, who wrote this piece to make fun of me. So enjoy.

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