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for The Paintedform Wife: A Retelling

5/3/2003 c1 skeeterhawk
You're right, the more serious and less histrionic version is great, too. (Though wild arm gestures certainly make the story more entertaining.) I hope you have some more retellings up soon-I liked your writing style and Japanese folk tales are always interesting. This one alone was fully worth all the problems I had trying to read it. (Death to outdated versions of Netscape!)
2/12/2003 c1 ArtemisMoon1
Yes, it's me! I'm reading and reviewing from work. (Sad that I have more time to do this here, but things are slow right now, LOL)

I really liked this story and found it interesting! You wrote it well while still keeping the feel that a fairy tale or folk tale has when it's being retold. Even the story itself was interesting. I couldn't imagine how it might have a good ending, but that one was very cute!

I'm glad I finally found a chance to read this because it was worth taking the time for. Keep working on your writing because your doing a great job!

And I will get around to that editing one of these days. My grandmother has been in the hospital but she's doing better. ^_^
1/12/2003 c1 Gok
I really liked this, the translation seemed very well done. :) I am very fond of the older stories like this one, from many cultures, but this was the first time I found this one. :) Thank you very much for posting it. Do you know any more? I would love to read them, too. :)

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