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for Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

2/23/2004 c2 89lalamushu
wow, this is a really good story! i like it! are you going to add more to it? because i noticed that you have several other stories up here. ^_^ this story is funny, and funny stories are one of my faves. ^_^ catch ya later!
10/5/2003 c2 Anali
I like!:D Sexy boy cuddling!Sexy muso boy cuddling!hehe
7/7/2003 c2 15Ulfr
I think you shouls continue this. Its funny and Aden and Finn would make a very cute couple. They already act like one though, so I dont think much would change between them. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update ASAP! Thankies!
5/30/2003 c2 PunkGretchen
So far it's great! Keep it coming!
3/16/2003 c2 9SchizoAuthoress
What the hell is this? The end of a chapter! Nay, sayth the Schiz! You must write more, and soon...(or at least as soon as the evil school system stops giving you homework!) ::hugs:: Chat with ya later, Sid!


2/7/2003 c2 37wingless
im just bummed out about sid dying. i sat with my friend and we listened to all his clash cd's. he started crying. i dont know why im telling you this. i liek this story. i like how all your stories seem to be about punks. punks are cool. my friend thinks to best wya to hold a mohawk up is with elmers glue
1/27/2003 c2 Schiz
::squeal:: Sid! Lovely, lovely chapter...as always, your writing style flows so naturally and beautifully...I don't know how to compliment you without filling up the review box too full...awaiting an email! ::deathglomp::

1/22/2003 c2 8PaperLanterns
YAY! an update. I've been neurotically checking this thing for updates every day since you posted it. It's so refreshing to see another writer who's into some great music. Anyway, update soonsoonsoon before i hyperventilate.

PS i haven't listened to Butthole Surfers in ages, thanks for reminding me!
1/21/2003 c2 7Daylily Gold
Eh... going to have trouble finding you a prom date, though you can tell people when you ask them that I said they should go with you... if that helps at all. O_o

But I love the story! It's only the second chapter and I'm in love once again. You are so awesome.
1/21/2003 c1 22Brett
I like the way this story has started, and i am curious to see as to where it is going. Your writing style is very professional and enjoyable, and it seems as if you have been writing for awhile. Great work, and i can't wait to read more!
1/13/2003 c1 8PaperLanterns
excellent stuff! You have a truly great writing style. I like the way you wrote about the eyes on the poster following him around (i hate that feeling) I can see a great plot on the way. What's a more punk rock way to show your sympathy for a dead hero than crashing their funeral? Well done, and update soon. RIP Joe Strummer.
1/13/2003 c1 8theoryoferin
Sounds awesome so far!

And thanx for the compliment, I appriciate it. ^_^ Maybe the reason that mine sounds better is because most people would just be writing out a fantasy, but mine actually happened. I'm practically using old diary entries and making them into chapters of a book. *shrugs* I dunno, really... I'm prolly just trying to down myself, and not get a big head. ^_^ Thanx again for the compliment. I'll be sure to check back with your story! ~J.A.
1/13/2003 c1 9SchizoAuthoress
Gahh! ::clutches chest, not that she has much of one:: ::heart attack:: I love this fic so much, I think it killed my heart! ;)

All silly-dumbness aside, I love this! 'My pissed off-ness comes naturally, thank you!' 'We're gonna go crash a funeral.'
1/13/2003 c1 Daylily Gold
*bursts into laughter* Oh, just as wonderful as your last story! You are out of control! *giggles* They're going to go crash the funeral. How fun! I canNOT wait to see more of this. ^_~

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