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6/28/2003 c1 6uxecila
You have such a way with words, and it drives me crazy... with envy, that is. ;) There's always such a steady, knowing rhythm in your writing, and for the life of me I don't know how you do it! Not only do you have the technique to pull off pretty prose, but there's also a definite grit and depth behind your words that make people think- I admire that so much in a writer. And that last line you wrote? "... but too late did he repent, and so the fire burns." Gorgeous ending! It makes my head mush. How do you come up with this stuff? :P Anyway, I'm sure you've gotten the message by now, but I totally worship your poetry, you talent-hording bugger you! So keep writing please, and I'll be on the look out. :)
3/4/2003 c1 9Dragonwrathe
I love this. Light yet deep. It makes so much sense! *bows down worshipingly*
2/10/2003 c1 BloodyPoet
ah, i like this. very deep. i love poems that rhyme but arent all cutesy. good job!
1/28/2003 c1 Wrong Name Tag
Really interesting, but awesome. Kinda makes you think. I liked the first two stanzas most. Awesome piece

1/21/2003 c1 8MJE Michael
it has an apocolyptic flow to it that is almost sing song when i read it to myself out loud. i like this so i think i will read more of your writings soon.


1/20/2003 c1 4Whisper to the Water
Hmm...mixed bag. Not your best. I do, however, love these lines: "The end shall come in less than one / expunging this world of woes." The rhyme seems a bit forced...I *sniff* detect odors of anti-war in this, too. I know it doesn't fit with the anti-war subtleties, but was the book by any chance Alas, Babylon?
1/20/2003 c1 28yet another running mouth
Interesting and sad-a good description of the End Times (if that's what it's about).
1/16/2003 c1 8Article
Hm.. Nice, I won't pretend that it makes a great deal of sense to me, however, the picture it forms in my mind appeals to me. It's rare to find writers these days with actual talent, whether only in one poem or in many. Therefore it's very pleasing when I do find one.

Again, I am drawn to the image in this, I hope you'll keep writing, you seem to have a way with words.

1/14/2003 c1 259goddessofsnark
Wow...this is actually, really deep. I love it a lot, I've read everything of yours that I've read!

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