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2/25/2003 c1 159Opus Nite
The poem itself, how it's written, is very, very nice. 'Tis wonderful.

Um. since you haven't really been here, perhaps i could say something? It's not done to take any revenge or punishment. You can't describe it at all, because it's different for everyone. But it's always out of desperation. it's a final resort. (dammit, don't bring up papa roach, that's just bad). Yeah. okay.

But still, the poem IS written well.
1/25/2003 c1 117CovinS
Very well and artitistically written. Good poem.
1/22/2003 c1 19firenzie1
WOW... great... everything. :) Makes my poems look tiny...

Anyways... you got it perfect right there. I used to be like this... the depression anyways... but it's gotten 'better.'

Great poem, like i said. You're a great writer :) Thanks for the reviews
1/20/2003 c1 28yet another running mouth
I think you got "inside their head" very well-and described a sad situation that is often bourn but rarely conquered. Because we live in a "me, Me, ME!" Age, people are becoming more and more miserable because the truth is, we cannot be content with simply ourselves. No matter how often we lie to ourselves, we know that there is a hole inside us that needs to be filled, and that it is just short of impossible to fix by our own power; and that wounds our pride, so we hide it by hurting others. Very well-written.
1/17/2003 c1 47Black Rose4
this is so sad! but i must say...it's very good, turned out well. Thanks for the reviews and sorry it took me so long to get back to ya. I would review more, but i'm on a mission for forensics, so i must go...i just really appreciate the reviews.

1/16/2003 c1 9Dragonwrathe
Wow...I'm not a suicide poem fan either...But you wrote it beautifully, your angst is not too dark too, which is pretty surprising for a suicide poem... I loved it!
1/14/2003 c1 5aibou
O.O... *WOW*. O.O ::stares in awe:: This is a *teeny* bit similar to my own poem... except um... a trillion times better! THIS IS SOOOOOOOO AMAZING! T_T I wish I could write like this... *sniff* As for getting inside somebody else's head... it worked. Really worked. REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY worked! O.O You *so* must write more! ::hugs Clifjumpr13::

1/14/2003 c1 259goddessofsnark
I love the rhyme scheme in this, it's really cool, And this is a very good poem, so perfect for all ppl with suicidal tendences!
1/14/2003 c1 98hurtmushroom
hey cool poem, really liked it! i don't understand all these suicide poems myself, but i think you did a great job!

cio, hoellenwauwau

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