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for The New World Chronicles: The Garson Compound

12/30/2012 c1 43fantasybookworm2012
I had something to say but I think it might be a bit too rude so I'm just gonna say good job
8/15/2003 c1 34eupseudes

Very well thought out and excellently written. You have real talent!
2/10/2003 c1 Thee Mischievous Gobbler
It is with great will power that I have not glomped and shook you silly. I hate cliffhangers. I love cliffhangers. I think I need a flower's petals to pick to find out which one is true(st).

It is obvious your plot is well thought out and this is not some whimsical write on your part. Your spelling is correct and I only saw a small handful of simple grammatical mistakes. You have my applause.

Character development has only begun, but I like what I see. I urge you to continue.

All right, with my serious comments out of the way prepared to be smacked silly for leaving it off where you did. It is not HEALTHY to leave me hanging like that! It is an injustice to those of us that want MORE, and want more NOW (this is where my greedy tendencies shine...).

You've had this up on ffnet since the 16th and only told me YESTERDAY? If that is not cruel I don't know what is...hiding this little bundle of goodness for so long *huff* I swear.

I think I win the title for longest review. If anyone manages to surpass me I'll just have to get more picky, now won't I? Oh the joy...

~The Turkey (You know who I am ^_~)
2/8/2003 c1 Maze's Beshtest Friend Lilly-chan
WAAAAAAAH! ::shakes him:: MORE! I WANT MOOOOOOORE! You shall write more or face the Mighty Rubber Trout! ::waves one around:: This ish a very good shtory! ^_^
1/16/2003 c1 12TA Maxwell
^_^ *huggle* You posted it! Go you! I'll make sure to bug friends and unknowing reviewers who actually READ author notes into reading this =) Best of luck with reviews! You already know I loved it ^^

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