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10/21/2008 c30 HellOnToast
Wow. I just wanted to let you know that you are the most talented writer on this site. Each of you stories are amazing, diffrent and beautifully disturbing.

This one is a rare gem, the type of story you only get the pleasure of reading once, then no other story measures up.

Keep up your exallent work!
8/31/2004 c30 albalop
I liked this story. You have made something completely new out of many old, overused things. I have never seen bullies, e-vil cults, basement laboratories and so many blocky uninteresting, unbelievable conversations in my life.
And your characters are all the same, no aspect of being unique to them - reading along I frequently lose track of who is talking.
I guess it's excusable because your story takes place in an alternate universe where people all have limited vocabularies and like to use complex words that you look up in a thesaurus, in normal conversation. (and the occasional "yer" if they are stupid slobs who have limited educations but can somehow manufacture weapons, drugs, and literature in their basements)
1/23/2004 c6 15Meahow
well, its still confusing. but good confusing. the type of confusing that solves itself in the end. (i hope, anyway.) and its starting to get clearer already. the writing style is perfectly fine, its just me and my VERY basic knowledge of mysteries and how to figure them out.
i just think, though. Do you really believe all the stuff about religion being like Santa Claus, or did you just put it in the story? i always want to know; i myself am a Christian, but reading stuff like this makes my brain work. a good thing.
anyway, its always interesting to me that you can tell just by looking at a few words whether the story was written by someone who uses the "British way" or the "American way". Like in your story, you spelled "centre", while i spell the same work "center". anyway, i think its neat...
well, my review is probably too long already, but i'll keep reading. One chapter a day is almost good enough for me, and thats unusual. i read very fast normally; i guess this shows yours is a different type of story than i'm used to. Ah well...
1/18/2004 c2 Meahow
this story is really confusing, but its also really interesting. i have no clue what's going on, but that's the way its supposed to be, isn't it? if i tried to read the rest i would stay up all night, but hey...
thanks for reviewing my stuff, by the way. its good to have someone other than me read it because they're not blind to all its faults...
Evil seems to come up in your story titles a lot. I suppose, though, its always tough to come up with good titles, and these ones seem to catch the attention.
is it easy to write mystery stories? i dont think so; maybe you do. well, people have different talents. i'll read more later, or sometime...
1/1/2004 c30 4liquidcrystal
whew! that was long. and interesting - VERY interesting.
that was well-written. i hope you keep writing. ^_^
12/20/2003 c1 4The Great Muses
Interesting chappie ... i like. I'm off to read more!
10/30/2003 c30 90The Zaniak
Man...what an odd, odd story.

Consider it a compliment that I read all of that, I have a fairly short attention span.

Well...what can I say? Dark, moody, and I LOVED the characters. They were that, characters. I really couldn't imagine meeting one of those people on the street, which I think is ideal for stories. Reminds me of Agatha Christie.

I'm really tired, and should review more fully, I know. Just let me say EXCELLENT story, one of the best I've ever read, and I wish you luck in any other stories you write.
7/20/2003 c13 7ku
That mistake's now fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.
7/19/2003 c13 11Keora13
I found it slightly confusing to read chapter 13 because first you say that it is Sherwin installing the spy cameras, then, at the end of the chapter, you say that it is Ned. Who is installing the spy cameras?
6/26/2003 c30 73aims80
Very interesting story!

Aims :)
6/9/2003 c16 1Flyyboy06
This story is good, kind of black humor, or. ..er...something. I like it b/c the characters are kind of strange. I will finish this later, cuz it's really long. But, I like it. Later.
3/1/2003 c30 baibiivenus
This was an excellent story, I really enjoyed reading it. The plot was so good. I decided to read your story after you reviewed mine, yours was excellent, I like the fact that it was finished too. TWO THUMBS UP.
2/24/2003 c30 JJ
Phew. . . great story! i really enjoyed reading it. good work!
2/20/2003 c1 DarkDragonX
Nice.i am at school now. I will read more when i get home
2/17/2003 c3 Peeps101
Good researched story except 17 degrees celcious is equal to 66 degrees farenheit.
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