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2/13/2003 c1 GrungeIsDead
As far as I'm concerned, that was not a mystery. It was good anyhow. Keep writing
2/13/2003 c28 JJ
yikes! now he got Emily...post more!
2/8/2003 c22 JJ
heh..more! more! Can't wait to see what happens next!
2/4/2003 c16 JJ
well written story...keep it up1!
2/2/2003 c13 Witchblade
What a strange fic...in a good way...even the characters are weird...

Anyway, keep writing!
2/1/2003 c6 Sunflower
It's going to take some time for me to finish reading this but so far it's pretty interesting. Very different too...

Keep up the good work!
1/31/2003 c2 Sundance
I'm slowly reading through this. It's great so far. I'm struck by the diversity of the characters...very unique. Great work!
1/30/2003 c6 1Laird MacDonald
Quite an interesting story. Keep going.

P/S:You'll get more reviews if you change your setting to accept anonymous reviews. Sometimes I'm too lazy to sign in. :)
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