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for The Love You Never Returned

6/19/2004 c1 Guest
God i love your poems. i'm not a really good poet myself and i guess thats why i envy you and your peotry. i think their wonderful and please don't ever stop writing.
4/29/2003 c1 10A Stranger In The Mirror
News flash asshole.. I won't shed a tear.. Did I guess that one right? Haha.. I overheard you and Margaret talking about it during computer period..

Yup,I certainly agree with what Margaret said.. All men are assholes.. But there are only some.. Yeah right!.. I've got a list of 50 people who I consider assholes.. And 45 of them were guys.. Hehe! And that guy who's being linked to you last schoolyear.. He's at the top of my list.. I'm sure that you will be really happy when you find out he's not going to be studying in our school anymore.. Looks like he's flying back to Mars to study more about being a Martian.. Could've fooled me..
1/27/2003 c1 7X-ATM092
Finally, some upturning in the sobbing. I like you being optimistic for a change. It's a really nice poem, a bit angrier than usual, but that only makes it better. Let go fo the hate, let it all out. You know there are people reading your stuff! And once again, keep it up!
1/20/2003 c1 3Lunaraine
wahahaha! that last line really got me! woo hoo! so sweet and then...aggresive? ooh...now that's kewl. o.O
1/19/2003 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
Ha! I still don't get the 'flip' thing! The symbols mean Asshole! Suits him too! All men are assholes!

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