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4/25/2002 c1 34miss meaningeverythingtome
Wow, I love this. you're a really talented writer. Yes being a deity is hard work. lol. Thanks for reading my poem (Scorpio). :) Good job on this one.
2/11/2002 c1 Le Chat de la Lune
Beautiful. I can really relate to this.
7/2/2001 c1 39Cgonzales
Interesting Karen, the goddess mentality has taken on a whole new direction. Curious as to how it will change next...

2/14/2001 c1 Navi
Thank You!

(And yes i am female)
1/13/2001 c1 16Ninamazing
*grins* I like it. ^_^
1/12/2001 c1 11Beautiful 'N Bruised
That is so v.true, I really like it...
12/5/2000 c1 Sarie Sprite
I *love* it! Eloquently stated, my dear ;)
12/1/2000 c1 5Ryuu
Nice! Me like! Write more, please!
11/22/2000 c1 68LunarBard
11/22/2000 c1 Dr. Tamwe
Oh yes. Yes, yes, I definitely understand this. ::claps::
11/22/2000 c1 1Tannith the dark princess
I am not sure that i like this. But you are good at wrighting poems

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