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2/1/2003 c1 6Toad-Frog
Throw the pills away grab your jammer (radio) turn it up loud (no depressing stuff) get up and dance. Or read a happy book that makes you laugh or do as you are now write you are gifted why throw it all away on a bottle of pills. You have friends here. Death is to short as it is and if you really take a good look around. I bet you could see something worth living for! God Bless and I'll say a prayer for you! By all means keep writing!
1/26/2003 c1 11Only A Memory
I really liked this. How you described it and yet didn't. It was nice.
1/25/2003 c1 3Xeniahs
Thats so not cool man! you so should not feel this way! You have lots to be thankful for (FYI incase you didn't know YOUR FRIENDS!) although the poem is well written and people may be able to relate to (which is also a dreadful thing because they deserve happiness too) its SO not cool to feel like that! Good poem! bad feeling!
1/23/2003 c1 3Hopes Forgotten
I like it.

Good job =D

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