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for An angel's prayer

2/19/2007 c1 DreadyDread
Quite good,

i liked it but the begining was a bit hard to understand because you give us lots of info in a short time. try and give us time to absorb the story, besides that i like it. bravo, keep wrighting visit my stuf once i get it up.

5/2/2004 c5 1DKiplan
*lol* Hopefully they can survive and what about Li? Is he in danger too? They should all be together to protect each other. I would like for you to continue with the story. I want to know what happens. Please oh please continue. As well as all your other fics. *smile*
5/2/2004 c4 DKiplan
Hmm, I don't know if I know Tomoe besides in the first chapter he was mentioned. Anyway, like the chapter. It's all really fascinating.
5/2/2004 c3 DKiplan
A threesome. Now that is hilarious. I love Li, Tenshi and Kaia. they are such great characters. It's all so interesting. Reading on now.
5/2/2004 c2 DKiplan
Soo odd, but I like it. I'm still hoping Li and Tenshi hook up, but it seems likeTenshi is more interested in Kaia. Its so weird, but I really like the story. *smile* You're such a good writer.
5/2/2004 c1 DKiplan
Really good so far. though I have to say its hard getting use to the idea that these characters have different roles and relationship than from FSR. I'm sure I'll get use to it eventually. Reading on now.
8/17/2003 c5 1Tenshi-Usa
Ouuh! Creepiness! This is freaky, but in a good way. Shoot, I kinda wanted a Li/Tenshi paring.. XP Oh well, ya can't always get what ya ask for. -.-; But this is really good. It's ver much a horror, just to let you know and I REALLY shouldn't be reading this now. I'm going to be soon. o.O This wonderful fic is going to give me nightmares...
7/29/2003 c5 11Sphynx

I've never had a chapter dedicated to me before. *cries* I FEEL SO SPECIAL!

Osamu: -_-...while she is crying, I'll tell you what she's meaning to say. ^^ This chap is great! And Tomoe's back in the picture! *curls up with an antelope (his 'Moose' ^^) Waiting for the next one!

Do it, or I'll sick the muses on you...and the computer bat.

7/28/2003 c5 17To Be Your Rockstar
wow, bravo! *claps* u succeeded in scary the hell out of me with the decapatating woman scene! i was freaked out, lol! this chapter was awesome! the memories and the 'dreams', wow! excellent! keep up the gr8 work and update soon please!
6/25/2003 c4 To Be Your Rockstar
*Crys out* you are truly evil! how could u just leave me hanging like that? gosh, i wanna know what's going to happen! i hate cliffhangers *crys* You know how impatient i am! i swear, if it takes you FOREVER to update, ima gonna be so pissed, LoL! anyway, GREAT CHAPTER! UPDATE AGAIN REALYY SOON! oh, and thanxs for mentioning me^_^ hehehehe
6/24/2003 c4 11Sphynx
Hey hey! You added Tomoe! *dances with joy* I seem to always be obsessed with the evil guys, but is he really evil? Okay, I"ll stop babbling.

Keep it up, and you BETTER write fast...I might have to behead you.
6/4/2003 c2 17To Be Your Rockstar
LoL! u were like WOW! wasn't that bitchin'! Lol! that was soo funny! anyway, omg! this story is soo GOOD! i'm fixing to read the next chapter! u better put the next one (ch4) up soon though! well, this story is one of the best girl! keep up the great work! now off to the next chapter *clicks the submit review button and hurridly goes to the next chapter* :) ^_^ looK! Kirby likes your story too! lol!
6/4/2003 c1 To Be Your Rockstar
hiya, KD! it's me Kacie! of course u already knew that -_-' lolies! anyway, G R E A T story so far! It totally rawks! u are a great writer! keep up the fantastic work!
5/4/2003 c3 11Sphynx
^_^ VERY good. I'm trying to X+Y to work at the moment, it's not working very well. *sighs* *sniffs* You have to love Li...I mean Satoru, whatever the hell his name is.

Kage: And it's got Mizu in it. *huggles Mizu* ^_^

*rolls eyes* Keep this up, girl! You're doing a great job!
4/23/2003 c3 Ai No Ame
I luv this alot! It's all good and everything, especially all the freak dream incidents. I can't wait to find out more about the past (and the read that yaoi story!) Update soon!
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