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for An angel's prayer

3/27/2003 c2 11Sphynx
Okay, no more sugar for either I or you. ^_^ Stories like this happen when we are on a sugar rush...not that I mind of course. ^_^ I LOVE IT as usual. And it's got Ukai in it. *huggles* I'm REALLY beginning to like him now.

Osamu: You only like him because-

*clamps hand over mouth* Enough out of you. I'm off to write my own little story. Into the world of WWII here I go!
3/18/2003 c1 9Mada DuVaris
heh heh heh! I LIKE IT! ^_^ although ... I DIDN'T KNOW UKAI WAS A HALF BREED! ^_^ I can't wait to find what happens next!
1/24/2003 c1 Sphinx
^_^ LOVEING IT KD! *glomps* How could I not? Anyway, as you said, you keep writing, and I'll keep writing...even if it does turn into the muses stories. ^_^ Hehe

Osamu: YAY!

Oh great, he's all for that, don't you think? I do. ^_^ *glomps again*

Osamu: ^_^' I think I should be scared...
1/24/2003 c1 eyes in the darkness
GREAT STORY... ok KD no more Escaflowne movie for u... and defanatly no more popcorn or sweet stuff :P

i'm watching u o.0
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