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for The Tree

10/7/2003 c1 37wingless
this is really good as wlel. the only thing i'd change would be the last line. it makes it sounds almsot like a sales pitch or something. but otherwise beautifully written and thought provoking
8/22/2003 c1 9Silver Sparkz
OOh...deep. Wish I could write like you.
7/29/2003 c1 6Black and Silver Dreamer
Wow, it's one of those things, that's so abstract it makes sense... Yeah, really awesome work *claps*
2/18/2003 c1 4Crazygurl70
Jesus Chirst. That. wow. You've got it. I can never find words to describe the things I want to say, but you. You've got it. You've got it, and you said it, loud and clear.
1/24/2003 c1 4watergoddess1
*blinks* wow. you got it right on in that round0about way that the explination has to be written in. this is awesome.

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