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2/21/2003 c4 11midnight dreams
You definitely have a collection here. ^^ Great job! ::thumbs up::
1/31/2003 c4 Sacred Bloodred RoseTear
This is the best collection of haiku I've ever come across!
1/30/2003 c1 39Kurare
I really like this one. great job... and thankees for the wonderful review! ^ ^
1/25/2003 c4 Needa S
Excellent! Good job putting these together! Keep those keys hot you are good at it!
1/25/2003 c3 Needa S
Cool! I like them all so far *smiles* Good job! K/W
1/25/2003 c2 Needa S
Outstanding! K/Writing!
1/25/2003 c1 Needa S
Awesome! K/Writing!
1/25/2003 c4 100Keep it 100

~Heart of the Sword
1/25/2003 c3 Keep it 100
Another job well done!

~Heart of the Sword
1/25/2003 c2 Keep it 100

~Heart of the Sword
1/25/2003 c1 Keep it 100
Nice work! I like your pen name. It has reference to the suicidal soldiers of the wars, but it also means "divine wind" in Japanese. Just so you know...

~Heart of the Sword
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