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5/11/2003 c10 5Nonki
At times, we would be wondering..what's our worth? and that's the time when we would be the most depressed. I've just been through it recently, after that, its another brand new me! ^_^

its good to evaluate what we are doing and what we've done from times to times...and to take each step as careful as possible...alas, human is prompt to error...(frustrating eh?)

so, just stay happy! ^_^ coz it only meant as a learning path that we have laid out for ourselves!
5/11/2003 c9 Nonki
Phew! Another refreshing chapter of your life...good! ^_^
5/5/2003 c10 Aroonrak Thaenkom
funny very funny

this story it make me laugh.

Ha haha

P.S. I usede shampoo intead of soap

but I am not same you. slime skin
4/23/2003 c8 Saiy
Good and funny

I love ang pao too.

In April 13,2003,I went to jae sorn water fall too.It's beautiful place.I think, 16th April you should eat èjackfruit curry b- caz

Maybe It will make you happy all this year

In April 13 I went to jea sorn waterfall with you.

Bye p/ pannrada
4/21/2003 c8 Nonki
YES! BE HAPPY! Another good one from SOM! ^_^

Finally, finished reading your two entries...do update soon huh!

Got to get back to my work now! Bye!
4/21/2003 c7 Nonki
Wow...its like I am taking the trip with u as I read your entry...hehehee..

One thing i've learn from your journal is that I will have to be BOLD to slash prices if I happened to go there...really cannot believe it! From three digit to two? Gosh!

Perhaps u should call your sister over and have a sis-to-sis chat with her...

I have a baby sis who is 12 years younger than me...hm...i love her and i guess she loves me too...

sometimes, i find that i love her as a daughter instead of a sister...hahaha...(due to the age gap i guess)...

but then, i realised that she will only listen and obey my words if she think they are reasonable enough or else she would be me a BLACK FACE...

hahaha...overall, I am really glad that my mother had given me a baby sister instead of brother...

(I already got a brother who is 3 year younger)

I guess your sister respects u alot but then u are right, u should try to let her know that u love her too.

Guess which part of your journal is my favourite? hahahhaa...the one in 8th April

Keep writing! Gonna read your next entry! ^_^
4/4/2003 c6 Nonki
^_^ U've updated! Hm...so do remember to bring coins with u next time eh? hahaha...that uncle is really kind to do that...

errh...dun really understand your entry on 3rd April...what really happened?

Anyway, its good to see you update this and do update soon when the next week is due...hahaha...

PS: dun wait until next year to post your new story! post it post it NOW!
3/28/2003 c5 Nonki
Maybe u ought to consider telling your mum how the smell of food would foul your mood during mornings...i think she would understand. I dun think she would want her daughter to end up in a foul mood during each morning (especially when she's cooking those heavily scented food)...haha...

about ur co-work, i pity her too. Did I tell u about mine? Yeah, i think i did, and I am glad she would be gone by the end of next week!

This proves what, Som? In order to get sincere friends, we need to be sincere to our friends first! (However, there are still some exceptional cases, who always taken things for granted...haiz~)

oh, i have especially take the liking for your entry on Mar 27, very poetical...keep it up!

Last but not least, update soon! ^_^
3/23/2003 c4 Nonki
Gosh! These two chapters are good!

I can understand your dilemma, but sometimes, maintaining a friendships does needs all the X-factors. I think you've put in all your effort and you are indeed a good friend. So, don't you start questioning yourself kie?

Please, do cheer up and dun snap (not worth it over that guy).

I pray to god that you would be able to meet up with a much much better guy in the near future!

Take care and continue writing!

(i always write to relieve my stresses.)
3/21/2003 c1 Kish
I like this. D
3/21/2003 c4 Nonki
ehh..you've changed your writing style? it is totally different from your previous chapters. I like this one too, but i prefer the way you've written in the past!

anyway, keep updating.

ps: if you are really thinking of what you've written in this chapter...DON'T EVER THINK OF THAT! Take care!
3/12/2003 c1 nonki
Hahaha~ me again! Was bored and reread this again, i couldn't help NOT TO REVIEW AGAIN (even though i have used up my signed review in this story)

You are leading a very meaningful life (with lots of pondering about life.) and it is nice of you to share it with us via writing it out!

You are very right, living itself is a risk and we really dunno when or where or how we (or our loved ones) would have our eyes closed and never to wake up again! That is why i always feel very very bad whenever I had a tiff with my dear mummy (just did that last week and glad that we are back to normal now.)

Really looked forward to read your week 3, 4 5 and more!

Good job! Great work! Keep it up! ^_^
2/16/2003 c3 5Legiodith
Wow, this is really kewl.

It's. Very different, but that's what makes it rock! ^^

Update, update! ::prods with a stick:: . ::grin::

(Btw, thankoo for reviewing my story. ^-^)
2/10/2003 c3 5Nonki
ahhh...update soon ne! ^_^
2/9/2003 c2 Nonki
hey, i am wondering, are you writing what you have seen,feel and did during each day?

nevertheless, this is really interesting...week 3 coming soon eh?
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