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2/22/2003 c1 7mango surprise
oh my first review on here! hehe! *looks around the site* hm. best thing about it. IT HAS KATIE POETRY ON! waho! hehe.

newho, have been meaning to catch up with ur poetry for ages now; its been on my 'to-do' list, and so thought that 2nite i'd do it before, a)i ended up with like 10 million poems to read, and b)i'd just keep putting it off more and more anyway!

so here i am- going to review my 5 poems! yay! and by my fave poet in the world! *huggles*

and oh we start with a love poem, hehe, (not a sonnet kate, no. i just wrote soonet there btw- lmao! CHRISTINA! *laughs*) newho, ur poems are so fab! i really do wonda sometimes if u know how good u really are! and is just sitting here on ffnet, and like ONLY ONE PERSON HAS REVIEWED! gr, what is wrong with these ppl? hehe.

newho, i luved, i love how u express urself and use all the. prettiest words, lol! is just so nice, hehe. floaty! hehe, indeed!

right, shall go read others now- waho Katie poetry sesh!

2/9/2003 c1 idontwriteherenomore
Awwwww hun that was really cute! I\'ve already read it at your homepage, but had to review too you know! lol, very good!

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