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2/22/2003 c1 7mango surprise
lol- i love all that stuff at the bottom, don't u? copyright 2003 Chocolate Hotpants. hehe! makes it look so professional! and shld be in a book, neways. hehe.

and the thing i liked best about this poem is (lol!), that u had like little run overs into the next line- like 'proper' poetry does, hehe! and it flows really well wen u do that, hehe.

and aw with this poem u cld just see how much the.. addictor? (lol, please tell me that IS a word wen it isn't!) pines over that someone, lol! is just lovely how all ur poems are about different things, hehe.

and u repeat stanzas, too! which is like, more lyrical lol, which leads me back to a)u use words so well, and b) ur obsessed with lyrics! hehe!

newho- FAB sweetie! ur so talented.

2/9/2003 c1 idontwriteherenomore
Nice job hun!

I specially liked the way you repeated the first werse all the wya... it gave a nice effect!
2/2/2003 c1 12blackanarchy
yups, i know that feeling too... it's really, really painful... gd poem too. :)

xx shauna
1/25/2003 c1 11Free Soul
Nicely done...i know a friend that would love this poem. I'll have him read it to. I love your ability to make the poem flow. Wonderfully written. :) thanks for posting it
1/25/2003 c1 Needa S
Isn't love grand when you have someone special. Good job! Keep writing!

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