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for A Little Mind Conversaion

2/27/2003 c1 8starlit nothing
the voices in your head are more helpful than the ones in mine :)
1/29/2003 c1 38Dragon Scar
Hey, D.S. here. That was interesting. I could picture me having that same fight with my inner vocie... meanie... well its pretty good. you could make it into more of a story format and discribe the voice's voice. wow that sounded weird. it could be kinda like:

As I sat in my room stairing out the window, the voice i've heard so many times before started to speak. The voice was _ with a hint of _.

So you see you could make it all call me later i'm fighting with myself... humm theres my new away message... Email me sometime and i'll explain it more... this the kind of review you wanted?

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