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8/8/2006 c16 zoule
*gasp of horror* It's over? That was the last chapter so far...*sob* I was all set to press the arrow to go to chp.17 but it wasn't there. *sad whimper* Please update. This is really good. It's like Buffy the Vampire Slayer only better! *now I feel like a traitor*
2/7/2006 c16 3D.H. L'Orange
ugh! and you just stopped this one right when it was getting really good! DARN IT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE!

: )

7/26/2005 c5 15LunaticDementia
I love your stories! There so cool.But I thought you might like to know you get dragged not drug.I don't mean to sound rude or mean ok? You rock.;)
6/17/2005 c16 5RedBird13
Wow! This story is SO good; the plot is great! Very well done! Please, try not take too long to update it, ok? Good job!
12/27/2004 c15 8Edana
And again this story is becoming incredibly deeper and more convoluted with each chapter. I love how the separate strings are all being tied together to form one large picture, how almost every character is linked with each other to create one large picture and story. I also (as probably mentioned too many times) love the realism of your characters and how they react in different but all completely realistic ways, from acceptance to anger to begrudgingly helping people they don't want to. I hope that more secrets will be revealed in later chapters, and I really want to see where this is going. Great update!
12/21/2004 c15 The Rejection
Ack! I can't believe FP didn't tell me about this update. I should kill that thing...

Good chapter. ^_^ Good chapter make me happy. (too tired to think of anything else... *sigh*)
12/15/2004 c14 centi is lazy
hey, you know I read this a long time ago. It was probably shortly after you posted it, and I think I saved it to my hard drive and read it, but I forgot to review. Haha I'm dumb. I started to read it again and was like Oo, I've read this already. Sorry for not reviewing it coz I DID read it. I really loved it and samoel is just getting more intriguing. ^^ So many characters to love, so many to hate, and the plotline only grows thicker ne? Write more soon and I'll try to not forget to review coz that was my bad.
12/5/2004 c14 Edana
^^;; Sorry, I thought I was up to date with this story, but I guess I somehow managed to miss this chapter. Thanks for the reminding e-mail though. Well, this story still gets much more interesting and convoluted with each new chapter, with the way you make big revelations and add a variety of interesting characters and mythology. As I probably mention quite often I really love your plots, your ideas and your variety of different characters. I also like the idea of Oistin’s family being driven mad by his power, and the whole idea of angels and demons being brought into the plot. I wonder where you’re going to go with this, and can’t wait to see.
10/7/2004 c13 The Rejection
Whoa! I can't even express how much I love this story. There are so many things going on that I want to find out more about... it's so good~ Do continued, please, and update soon.
9/10/2004 c13 centi
mrew! I read it! Look look I read it. Gah I'm getting more and more interested in where this going. Oo! Deondre's dad Oo, and yeah the price of being the beast slayer. I feel bad for oistin. He's gonna be afraid of being friends with anyone now (snugs) And poor Deondre, what is he gonna say when he is rejected by his best friend? Turn towards Samoel? And then there is the problems involved in Ammon's knowledge of the seer. Complex, complex indeed. Write more soon hun lest I be forced to feed you to um crocodiles. If I could only come close to being as prolific with writing as you though ;_; See ya and cant wait for more TMB also, so update both soon
8/18/2004 c13 Edana
Ahh, so many names - I'm so confused O.o
Lol, this story is getting more and more interesting with each chapter. I don't think I've read many stories that introduce something/s new with each and every chapter until you find yourself emersed in a complicated web like this one that you never expected. With every question that's answered there are more and more being asked, and I'm really confused but really curious too. There's definitely a lot of suspense here and finding out about Deiondre's dad too - I wonder what that means for the poor obsessed boy ^^; And I feel really sorry for Oistin too, with him realising that his screwed up family is partly (if not completely) his fault. That must give someone a very bad guilt-trip. Anyway, great update, and on to more reviews!
8/16/2004 c13 3alittlepilot
a... wonderful XD completely unexpected.. but how perfect is that. creates a thousand new questions. and you're right. the converations were great fun to read, they must have been great to write.
8/8/2004 c12 alittlepilot
ah.. beautiful. i love it. more more more more more more more. heh. im demanding. but it's a great story. and i was so sad to see i hit the last chapter. XD splendid. and i have no idea who's gonna end up where. *shakes head*
8/3/2004 c11 5Seirvitas
MRUAHA! Guess what! I finally read the 4 chapters I missed. I did it all in one go too. OMG hun the story is getting better and better. I'm really falling in love with new characters and I definitely didn't expect the story behind the swords. I feel really bad for both of them and their fate. I'm also growing curious about the angel that gave deondre a visit (okay I cant spell his name) I'm getting more and more anxious to find out the rest of the story and the fate of our poor characters. I feel bad for solange too, and um, I'm still routing for bastian and oistin to get together. Write more soon and hopefully I'd be able to read it when it's updated this time ne? I plan on catching up on TMB tonight (hug) Miss you.

7/30/2004 c12 8Edana
Wow. Well, that answers that then ^^ I like how you put the whole back story in a nice (long) self-contained chapter so that there's only one glaring question left to answer: who is Perdita and Aharhel's child? Is it someone we know? Someone we don't know? The person who is killing all the Beauties? I can't remember what Solange said to Oistin before this chap, so I may have to go and find out in a minute to try and satisfy my curiosity and to wildly guess what might happen.
And in this chapter I was particuarly impressed with all the mythology: the names, the idea of the Gates and the Rain Pourer, were all really ingenious and original really. It definitely drew me in anyways ^^ I also like knowing the whole backstory now, and I wonder how it'll affect Oistin and the rest of the story. Anyway, interesting update definitely!
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