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7/27/2004 c12 Achika
O. Poor Perdita! I don't think I'd have killed him either.
7/6/2004 c11 Bobbo
This is awesome! Is Deiondre gay? (I think i may have already asked you that) anywho, your story rocks, and im glad that your summer is fun too. I wont be 18 this summer, but i will graduate from high school! Ill ttyl Ace.
7/2/2004 c11 8Edana
Bastion’s a curious character and I’m getting more and more attached to him with every new secret and every new piece of information. What he went through before and during his time at the insane asylum was almost a complete mystery until this chapter and now it’s got me seriously intrigued. How did he meet Solange and Lethe? How do they know each other? Has Lethe been haunting him all this time? And is there something going on between Solange and Bastion? *hopes* And the way that Bastion could see flashes of Lethe’s memories was interesting too, and an effective way of telling the story. And that reminds me – I love the names that you give your characters, because they’re all telling in different ways.
Well, everything’s getting more twisted and convoluted and deeper and definitely captivating! I hope that finally Perdita’s story will be revealed and especially what the price is that Oistin has to pay. And I wonder what’s going to happen to Deiondre (sp?) All of these new characters are so mysterious and interesting so I have left another long review and hope that you will update soon!
6/26/2004 c10 Achika
:wide eyes: Uh...Woah. Bitter Angel trapped in a sword? Ok. By the way, whawt are the pairings gonna be?
6/19/2004 c10 Edana
0_0 I think I'm missing something here too, but it's definitely got me wondering! I think the last two chapters of this story have me completely absorbed in what's happening. Who's the beautiful creature who's after Deoindre? (and Bastion's reaction was really unnerving - you wrote him really well) And there seems to be a history here between the sword (?) and the angels and the beauty slayer and I want to know what happened in this 'flood.' Great chapter, lots of questions buzzing in my head, write more soon!
6/19/2004 c9 Edana
I started reading chapter 10, got confused, and then realised that for some odd reason I'd managed to miss out chapter 9 entirely! Why does this keep happening to me? Anyway, another very interesting chapter, especially the second half. I'm really curious about the awakening of the two swords and the 'Him' that Solange refers to with a limitless bloodlust *grins* Sounds intriguing! It seems like a whole new mythology is slowly opening up as a backdrop to this story, and I hope that you reveal more of it soon! (P.S. sorry for this really late review ^^;)
5/13/2004 c9 Seido
Agh! The problem with reading a good writer's work is that when you reach the end of the story so far, it's far more painful!
I can't wait till the introduction of Lethe. Should be interesting.
Love the story, m'dear, do keep at it.
5/4/2004 c8 Edana
A hyper Deiondre is an interesting, amusing thing, lol, though in real life he would probably drive me crazy. But it was an intriguing side-effect from Solange's healing (and definitely added some more humour to the story - not that there isn't enough humour) I especially liked the part where he was contemplating an 'opposite him' as being white hehehe
And slowly the next stage of the plot is being developed. Bastion is a handy character to have around since he seems to know the most about the theory of everything having an equal but opposite reaction. I'd like to know more about these beauties, and I wonder what is killing them (Oistin's opposite? I wonder what he/she is like)
Anyway, intriguing chapter, write more soon!
4/30/2004 c8 5Seirvitas
GAH I just lost my review coz my net sucks. I read it anyway and I'll rant and rave how much I love it in messenger later since FP hates me right now. I'm definitely waiting in anticipation of the next chappy tho and I'll get to reading yer new story, your poem, and TMB before I go to bed tonight. Later.
4/26/2004 c8 Bobbo
i finally read it! great stuff! teh whole scene with solange was kinda confusing, but i liked teh high that caem afterwards ;) cant wait for more updates!
4/20/2004 c8 3Ninth Hell
Hey, I'm enjoying this so far. Be sure to write more soon :33
And just for the record . . . in case you want to correct it . . . the equal and opposite reaction thing is one of Sir Isaac Newton's laws . . . . *thinks back to Physics* Umm . . . it's his Third Law of Motion. ^^;
4/12/2004 c7 8Edana
I don't know why I thought I'd read this chapter, because obviously I hadn't, but now I'm glad that I have! Well, this story has definitely taken an interesting turn! I completely forgot all of the cryptic stuff that the seer said in the asylum, but now I'm tempted to go back and read it again because I have the feeling that he's prophecised the events of this story and now I'm really curious! Solange seems an interesting character, and Bastion is growing on me very quickly, and my God my brain is too dumb to understand philosophy so I won't comment on that ^^; I liked how Deiondre couldn't see or tell what was going on, and how Solange (for some reason that reminds me of some kind of desert ^^;) called him the 'unseeing one,' that made me laugh! I'm also really curious as to this 'beautie-slayer' and yeah, what on earth is a beautie? Anywho, I better calm down and just wait for the next chapter. This fic seems to get more interesting as it goes along ^^
3/30/2004 c7 5Seirvitas
I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY BEAUTY! YAY! Look I read it and now, I WANT MORE! Luvin the story more XD. So enter a Beauty Slayer huh? I wonder what they are like and I'm still wondering whats gonna happen with everyone particularly the um den, CANT SPELL HIS NAME! The best friend anyway XD. I think Solange is already one of my fave charries and the question still remains in my head, which charrie is gonna be with who for this shounen ai warning. As we introduce more charries my mind filters through all of them trying to decide who it likes best and you've managed to make all of them just so gosh darned LOVABLE! Um, actually there isn't any question, I love Solange the most even though I dun know a lot about his persoanlity. Okay I guess I'm rambling now but seriously WRITE MORE SOON sweetie. Centi is an oistin-a-holic. YAY FOR BEAST SLAYERS!
3/12/2004 c6 8Edana
Yay, another chapter! I'm glad that you're still writing this story. You definitely have an interesting cast of characters here, all with really great names (and yes, they ARE all very unusual) Oistin is growing on me more and more and Bastion is very intriguing. I wonder about his past and it must be difficult being a seer, knowing what to say and what not to say. OOh, I'm pondering this too much now. Anyway, I wonder where this is gonna go, so please update soon!
3/10/2004 c6 5Seirvitas
NYAA! Lovied it sweetie. Read it all and loved it. Write more before I cling to you and force you to with my psychic mind control powers. I'm just going crazy figuring out who is gonna love who. Instincts make me want oistin and bastian to hook up, and yet Deiondre sounds so cute n_n. And then the question remains will it be Deiondre/bastian or would it be Deiondre/oistin if they do get together. As for the story, curiouser and curiouser as alice said. I cant wait to find out more of the beauties nor what it was Bastian was GOING to say about Deiondre before. Love his powers of possible futures, much more interesting than just knowing one future but his family must have been pretty nasty for putting him in that institution. He doesn't seem THAT off. REALLY HUN! WRITE MORE (sucks on your brains)

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