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3/10/2004 c4 5Seirvitas
kk I've read up to here thus far and I'm luvin it sweetie. I'm gonna read the rest of it after I get back from my second interview at sam goody YAY! Whoo so here is the deal, IF we manage to enter the tokyopop contest, and THEN we manage to WIN the tokyopop contest, I think we should submit THIS story as our graphic novel series option, and if not we should make it into a comic anyway. Course that means I have to learn to draw monsters but thats what research is for n_n WHOO! I can see why this story is your baby and even if nobody else is reviewing it its coz they are stupid! (hugs them all) I cant wait to read more.

11/18/2003 c5 Robert
hey ace, its bobbo, awesome! the seer is great, i cant wait for more
11/13/2003 c5 8Edana
Yay, an update! I still think this is a really interesting plot idea, original and well written. You pull off your ideas really well, and I love all your characters! They have such varied and realistic personalities and it's great the way they interact. I think I'm liking Deiondre and Oistin even more, especially Oistin. And you set the mood well using songs and such. Bation is still curious to me, so please update soon ^_^
10/24/2003 c4 Bobbo
hey ace, just thoughti'd let you konw that you need to KEEP WRITING! regardless of what other fanfic readers may say, this story rocks, oh, and i hope you do better in physics ;) and if not, you can always run away and come live with me. tty soon
10/2/2003 c4 Specularia
Oh great story please write more soon.
9/14/2003 c4 karinms
Good fic! Update soon, Ok?
8/17/2003 c4 2Laughing Cat
Yay! *applauds* ^_^ I loved this chapter- I can't wait for the next! ^_^
8/15/2003 c4 8Edana
Oh, that took a strange, but definetely curious, turn. I am intrigued. Bastion seems like a really interesting and mysterious character - a seer? Hmm, that could be useful. I wonder if the stuff he was talking about is going to come true. Definetely curious now ^_^
8/15/2003 c4 2Ouvalyrin
M... another chapter? It's great! Wonderful writing and I'm going to add you now to my faves list before I forget it for the millionth time in a row.

*click click*

All done.

6/28/2003 c3 8Edana
OOh, a very clever piece of writing. I don't read many fics that are written with the interesting techniques that you use. I love how you used the runes inbetween each flashback with their meanings, and of course the song at the end with the foreshadowing. It was definetely a clever way of giving the back story without making it confusing or boring, and now I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter! Write more soon!
6/26/2003 c3 2Laughing Cat
Review, review, review, review, review! Edana was right- this is an amazing story so far! And I love your interpretation of the runes and how you incorporated it into flashback, as well as having the song at the end being played on the radio. Awesome job! ^_^
5/27/2003 c2 8Edana
Ack, FINALLY I read this chapter, and now I'm hooked (no kidding) I really wanna read the next chapter. All the characters are really interesting (especially Oistin and Deiondre) and they have such cool names. I'm kinda wary about the drugged up sister though lol Anyway, I also like how you portray the characters as real people, like how they interact. I hope you update soon!
3/9/2003 c1 Edana
Oh, that was really eerie. Seems like you have a really clever idea here (and original too, how DO you do that?) The description of the demon was so detailed that I could picture it ::shiver:: and the last paragraph, especially the last line, were creepy and ominous. Interesting ^_^
2/7/2003 c1 7V-45
Ooo... "random loss of sanity." That doesn't sound like a good thing.

Very creepy. Good job! ^_^

Makes me wonder where you're going to go with all this. Write more.
1/26/2003 c1 2Neev
Ooooh, very interesting. You have a nice writing style, I really like it. I can't wait to see more of this (especially the slash... XD) please continue. XD
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