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11/9/2006 c6 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
i dont like josh nemore

he expects jeremy to trust him again when hes fucking the neighbor

what a fucker!
4/15/2005 c13 2Iuno
wahh! it made me cry! how could josh leave jeremy behind...they should have eloped...ahahahaha very good job! three thumbs up!
4/9/2005 c2 26pneumothorax
Interesting. In some parts it sounds almost like a memory or a tale rather than actually being in his character. The end of the chapters are unusual - kind of like a conclusion really rather than an end to action.
7/21/2004 c7 11Saturn-hime
I got lost somewhere in there...are they on the floor of the hotel or on a bed? it doesn't really matter...i'm just curious XDD
5/29/2004 c13 Kirika Moonshadow
AWESOME STORY! I just found it and read all of it in one sitting. Really well written! Start the sequel now, maybe?
6/14/2003 c13 JESS
please let jeremy find josh again I hope in the sequel they will meet up a still be single.

You did a great job and I enjoyed reading this story very very very very very much I hope you UPDATE for the Sequel very very very very soon!
6/14/2003 c14 Jess
6/10/2003 c14 9nopinion
well that sucks *pouts* where's the fluffy happy ending with cotton candy? :( I suppose that's why it's your story not mine. But I loved it!

6/10/2003 c13 nopinion
some fluttering wonderfuls, about time, at the end of a horrible, sad segment. Bastards. I'm pretty keen on your story.

6/10/2003 c3 nopinion
lol... funny funny... digging the cold shower.

6/10/2003 c1 nopinion
I was a little confused as to the status of their relationship. The first paragraph made me think Josh was oblivious but by the end I'm seeing that is completely not the fact.

Just one thing,

5/19/2003 c14 34i-nv-u50
ack! you cant end it there! I hope there's a sequel, jeremy has to find josh even if he is going to the wrong place O.o; post the sequel soon! ^^;;
5/12/2003 c14 cordy
wa! i love this fic! it's so sad though. i hope Jeremy will find Josh!

i can't wait till you're next fic!
5/3/2003 c14 Arlene
The end? the end? how can it end there? No no no! J&J must be happy...together! not apart, not apart! Ah!

That was a lot goin' on there missy, ( I think I'll rename it "J&J's wild ride" aka chap 14 :0) )But wow. I think it made it all the more poingant that after all the time we get to know the characters and we can sympathize with them, it doesn't work out. Its almost more realistic, becase we often see conflict resolved in a nice neat little way that works out for the main characters. As we know, life doesnt work that way and is a bit crazy, ironic, sad and misunderstood. I think you captured that here.

Sequel? Don't dangle it in front of me! I want I want! Heheh

Great job, a completed fic is such an accomplishment and a labor of dedication. Muy bien chica!
5/3/2003 c13 Arlene
Guess who's back? Well I suppose it's rather obvious now, isn't it? :0)

I was in total agony because i wanted to know what was going to happen and I couldn't get to a computer! The humanity! But now I am a *very* happy camper because i got one more chapter and my can of coke and a box of tissues :0)

answer to question: I got the impression that they had been together, but not for a heck of a long time. And it was mainly because J was commenting on how gorgeous J was almost as if the novelty of having him hand't worn off yet( a la newlywed symdrome) Geez, I'm not too romantic am i? :0)

On to the next chapter!

btw, I really liked the use of the word gorgeous again in this chapter. Unless I missed it, I don't think we have heard it in awhile, so it made just the right amount of impact.
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