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4/8/2006 c5 1Prisoner-11
Interesting so far. I'm going to watch this to see how it develops.
8/1/2004 c1 joie 610
ohh, everything's so short :( any use in hoping you'll continue? maybe pick up the pace a little bit, and be more detailed? mas (cool name ;D hmm) could write a little more, i think. well, good luck.
7/28/2004 c2 Miklan
Okay... that conversation tickled me.
Sounds like something I would say. _'
OH WAIT! I already have.
2/19/2003 c4 DestinyMalzen
This is absolutely sexalicious, can't wait to see more. ^_^ *smooch*
2/5/2003 c4 19Aftertaste of a Razorblade
Hahahahahaha! I love this. Mas is such a lovable character, so easy to relate to. This is great. So funny in an offbeat sorta way!

Keep going. Pwease? *puppy dog eyes*
2/4/2003 c2 6the blind visionary
you need more reviews, dammit.

::thwaps everyone:: review, you lazy arseholes.

::meeps:: i'm not normal.

i could easily see this little chapter turned into a three-panel comic strip. ::noddles:: just an idea..
1/28/2003 c1 the blind visionary
Why, how GOOD of you to finally put this up. ::noddles:: This is fun-ness. Who can resist sometimes-slutty bisexuality? ::makes no sense now, cos she's up past her bedtime::



Randy: Poofbunny!

Adrian: ::thwaps with a spoon::

Lchan: There is No Point.

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