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for The Winchester House 1: House

7/14/2008 c15 marie ryan
So who was the host? What was the deal with the ghost or whatever's. How was it possessing them? Was it possessing them? Was it a doppleganger type story? I thought the story idea was good but not enough info to support some of the story. Add more details in the last 6 to 8 chapters. Lead people in a little more with more detail on the strange happens. They need a little more explanation to make it believable.
9/10/2003 c15 15Carrington Oak
I must say, that ending sucked. I'm sorry, but it really did. I hope that the next one turns out better.
7/25/2003 c15 2PyroboyX
Hurray! There out! Ding dong the host is dead! Great Story Anthem Great Story!
7/25/2003 c14 PyroboyX
Great writing!This story is know my favourite!
7/25/2003 c12 PyroboyX
There never going to get out r they they're going to keep on living in there like linsey
7/25/2003 c11 PyroboyX
Everybody is kung fu fighting hiya!
7/25/2003 c10 PyroboyX
Wow! o_0 the house scares me make it die!
7/25/2003 c8 PyroboyX
THE DOOR WON"T OPEN THERE ALL GOING TO DIE! O and keep up the good work.
7/25/2003 c7 PyroboyX
Yay! Kara and Deanna found each other! But Jerry's been takin over. Stupid stupid house
7/25/2003 c6 PyroboyX
I dont trust that girl she seems very suspicious.
7/25/2003 c5 PyroboyX
This story is really creeping me out. I wont be able to sleep tonight thanks alot Anthem!
7/25/2003 c4 PyroboyX
The house can make copies of what people look like. 0_0 eep!
7/25/2003 c3 PyroboyX
The host guy creeps me out. The house Creeps me out. ARGH! I think i need a hug.
7/25/2003 c2 PyroboyX
Wow. This writing just blows my mind. keep up the good work.
7/25/2003 c1 PyroboyX
Good Start i can't wait to read the rest of this stary
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