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4/30/2005 c1 12wintersnowfallz
aw i like it... i love depressing poems. though i didn't pay much attention to "english uh what u call those.. uh aspect stuff like ryhme/patter/etc" but i like the content.. then again what would a person like me who sucks a english know? ignore that... i like it^^
8/9/2004 c1 11Rachel4487
I like this poem. I can SORTA relate to it, cuz I've cried a few times at school (when a teacher made me really pissed) but usually I don't cry in front of people. I just run away and then go cry by myself. LoL. I agree with that whole "stronger because I show you my emotions" thing, because I've always been to afraid to cry in front of people other than who I really trust. But yeah, this poem's nice and it's natural to cry.
12/14/2003 c1 Yellie
You...need...help...you need...help...they're called, psychologists and you need help...
6/6/2003 c1 3Cry Tears of Darkness
aw, its so sad! its very well expressed though.
5/31/2002 c1 3Voltora
I used to cry an awful lot at school, so much so that I normally had to carry a packet of tissues around with me because I knew I'd need them nearly every day. I really liked your poem and I am glad to find that I'm not the only one this has happened to. Happy to say that since I'm no longer with any horrible bully-type people I haven't cried for ages. ;) (Usually it's bullying that sets me off.) Once again, a very good poem! Well done!
3/23/2002 c1 6Tsuki Yuuki
This was a good poem. I used to cry all the time, literally, at least once a day at school. No one ever cared though, I had no friends at my school, and I never let the teacher see. I still cry alot (not at school), I cry myself to sleep often. I was tomented for my first seven years of school, so I have valid reasons to cry alot. Try being the smart, quiet, shy, sensitive kid of the grade with no friends in the whole fucking school and see how it affects you. (NOTE: This is not a flame, I'm not insulting you . . . it's just that this kind of poem, one that tells parts of my life story, tends to get me really upset and ranty. If I've offended you in any way I'm very sorry.)
11/16/2001 c1 Raya Eva
Usually, I dont read poems here, but this caught my eyes. I feel the exact same way. Ive cried easily sonce a member of my family died and This totally relates to me. Thank you so much! It was awesome.
5/26/2001 c1 6Nightowl
Very well done... I know what you mean, I use to cry all the time, and was teased for it constuley (sp?). Of course, the explantion for that was gentic depression, but that's okay. I've never seen crying as I a sign of weakness, for it's good to cry sometimes.
5/14/2001 c1 Baby
wow wow wow, you know, I am just like you! How we can relate to each other is the deepest of human understandings. Let us overcome it together and blaze paths in this world, so we will make it into the next with love and blessings. (I love your Lord poem!)
3/2/2001 c1 8Ziegod Lizski
that happens to me ALL the time! i feel exactly the same way!
2/17/2001 c1 ApatheticallyMonotone
*starts weeping* That was so good! *wipes her eyes* I sort of know what you mean... But I wouldn't say it's my weakness. ^_^ Good poem, though!
12/27/2000 c1 chocoholic3
I know how u feel i used to feel like this and my teacher would get sick of me when i cried at school. Good poem it has a nice rythem.

ALSO: yr author bio reminds me of myself cos im a crazy freak with no sanity. just ask my friend roxanne. actually yd better not she might go crazy and yell "ni" at u. A good film 4 all insane freaks is 'monty python and the holy grail' BYE NOW!
12/16/2000 c1 1LyleaAVL
Very good, many people feel the same way. Thanx you for the reviews I look forward to reading more of your fics
11/25/2000 c1 Laura
It's ok to cry, everyone does. If they don't I want to know their secret!
11/25/2000 c1 TygerMouse an HellKitten
Hmmmmmm...I dunno about this one. It's certainly very good (I love the emotions you show!,) but I've read better from you.

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