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11/25/2007 c1 Siren Xenophon
This is very good, I don't know one person who hasn't felt this way. Always been the friend and never the lover. It sucks. Real drain on the self esteem thing. Anyway, good job.
12/10/2004 c1 4slashysecrets
If that's shitty, I can't wait to read something that's not. You seem to have a way with rhymes that keeps them from seeming contrived (something I seriously lack). Keep up the good work!
10/5/2003 c1 smashed
i'd read this poem months and months ago

and recently i've been feeling the same way (uh, except for the whole wanting to kill myself part..)

so i remembered your poem, looked you up and re-read it

and even if its a bit simple

i can dig, and i'm glad you posted it :)
6/30/2003 c1 doormi
This good. simple rhyming alternating every line. A suggestion of maybe limiting the pronoun use.. (I, my, me.. etc.)

I like the 'highlight of my day' phrase, maybe extend a little on that, on the effect those highlights have on you.. otherwise, very well written and such.
6/7/2003 c1 12Vuelo
Hehe. for a first poem, i'd say its pretty good! Keep writing! (oh and i know how you felt there haha)

4/15/2003 c1 ioyoiuy
Yha, this is pretty sad. Im glad that you are over this. Write more, this is great.
4/12/2003 c1 96Liebe Sasa
I can't say much more than 'I love it.'

-Mizery Rose
3/24/2003 c1 5Adam Evans
Very nice poem. I understand what you were going through because I went through it myself. Thank god we don't have to deal with it anymore!:)

Great Job!
3/18/2003 c1 4Percolating Peet's
Hey, it's me again. This poem means so much to me because I wass going through tthe same exact thing a month ago. I've even wrote a couple poems about it. You can read them if you want. But anyway, every line described how I felt. I no longer retain those feelings, but I'm sure if I read it then I'd take the advice.
3/1/2003 c1 14Single and Fabulous
Hey honey, just had to tell you I really did like this poem. And because you haven't posted another chapter, I can't review on Adam's story. Anyway, chapter six is posted. I just want you to know I'm glad I made you happy!

Love from,

Danny Doore
2/24/2003 c1 11disenchanted lullaby
oh wow! i LOVE this poem. i can realte to it so much, maybe more then i'd like to admit it. still, i love it. it gets across such strong emotion is such a simple, yet powerful way.

/Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end.

In my heart, I know this will never be

So I’ll go on pretending nothing’s wrong/

*dies* that's just perfect!

~ratty xox
2/21/2003 c1 H. M. Banson
This was really great, I liked it a lot. Many people go through that whole 'just a friend' business at /least/ once in their lifetime, (I know I have) but your totally right, the key is to just keep going with your life. I have to say, the endnote was particuarly moving. I'm so glad that you lived through your problem and were able to keep going. That's hard to do for far too many people. Congradulations to you, I'm very glad things got better.

again, this was great


2/3/2003 c1 2ant68
Wow, a very sad love poem. i feel srry for u paperlanterns, dont ever commit suicide over a short term crisis. remenber, it will heal+its not worth giving up ur life for it. im glad u put all that behind u & guess what... i have MY first story up its called Ice in the roaring Flame sort of shitty but its my finest work! :)

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