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4/12/2006 c1 12Insanity Da Best Policy
Hm. I guess you can write pretty well, but the whole idea of 'am gonna rip you apart for you stole my bf' seems so...psychopathic but maybe that was the intention. Still, I was hoping you'd add a little more of description, though I must admit, the drip drop did a good job, and maybe a stronger...theme. Or something which would make one feel that she was a psycho. Ya know?

Anyway over all, it was pretty good ^_^

7/6/2003 c1 AVIGON
It certainly is a "short" story. I think the lack of motivation on the part of Julie (I know the boyfriend-things is there, but that's not really all there is to it, I can't stop but think) makes it just that bit creepy.
3/30/2003 c1 Miss Natla
That was horrible (but lovely)...I could really hear the girl screaming.
7/9/2001 c1 Melissa
Hehehe! Can we name the girl Leah!
12/21/2000 c1 2nenya
11/28/2000 c1 8Shino Kouen
wow... That was good! That's a lot of rage for someone to burn a house like that!
11/25/2000 c1 3Kiwii
sheesh that's not very pleasant
11/25/2000 c1 Dayna
That was... incredibly horrific (In a good way, mind you!) I think this was extremely well done, you put it down as horror and it really was.

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