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for Lower the Flag, Lower the Flag

1/11/2004 c1 11M.D. Cantine
Wow. This is a very fitting tribute to Columbia as we approach the one-year mark. It's also a poem for anyone who has died in service- you mention the weeping stars (and that could be changed), but it could also be a tribute to fallen soldiers, the 9-11 victims, or whatever because it's so sad and speaks to the rememberance instead of the mourning.
Yeah. Hope that made sense.
3/8/2003 c1 105VG Sherry
very child-like in a way, and in that way sweet. the repetiveness really adds to it. much like, lovely write. very touching.
2/6/2003 c1 51Dark angel of the lake
really really cool poem I absolutly love it
2/5/2003 c1 18trulyshine
It's a nice poem! I like how you wrote it from a child's perspective...you made everything sound sooo innocent!
2/5/2003 c1 18Wrider
Nice. I liked it a lot.
2/5/2003 c1 1monotronjedinerd
Hey. Nice poem. I really like it. R&R Mine plz. Search for it in original fiction, poetry, its titled Columbia

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