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10/13/2015 c5 Guest
Why didn't she shit her self with the laxatives in her drink while in the super glue chair?
6/15/2004 c36 2Billys Lil Riot Girl
extremly totaly great and hilarious story! The only complaint I have is that Elizabeth and Billy should have stayed together, I know Id pick Billy over Benji anyday, dont get me wrong I love Benji, it's just Billy is hotter in my opinion. But him and Michelle don't re4ally show up in the last chapters, understandibly.
It really was a great story and I recomended it to my sis to read, she's only on chap 7 but she loves it non the less.
11/9/2003 c36 KittyWhiskers
DUDE! EPILOGUE! whatever happened to michelle an lil billy? Oh, and i really liked the way you wrote this, you brought out all the freedom and happiness and junk. :)
11/9/2003 c23 KittyWhiskers
oh. well then, ne'ermind! :)
11/9/2003 c21 KittyWhiskers
yeah, you left out how benji feels, since elizabeth was his crush and now she's regretting what they did...or maybe he's just sympathetic to how elizabeth feels...or not whatever
10/20/2003 c33 6SUBSTANTIVO
Finally! It has been since forever! It was good too, even though it could have been longer. And I read the side story, i thought the girl was going to be a terror, but she was normal, alwell.
10/19/2003 c31 13Punk Rock Tinkerbell
It's a good story, but it seems like the guys are a little out of character to me. But whatever good job.
8/2/2003 c31 2KillerMicrowave
unfortunatly, i didnt get to read the original story so yeah i dont know if i missed anything or whatever so let me know if i did please. this is interesting. UPDATE,UPDATE, UPDATE!
7/23/2003 c1 2Lovers-Anonymous
hey i already finished and reviewed the story but i just wanted to comment on a different review you had

"warm beach towel - 5$,

killer volleyball net - 15$,

benji and jorden without there trunks - Priceless."

Ok THAT is wrong... here it goes...

Benji's Rancid T-shrit- 17 bux

Benji's Cargo Pants - 30 bux

Benji's Converse Shoes- 13 bux

Benji's Boxers- 10 bux

Seeing them all on MY FLOOR the next morning = priceless

That is how it goes...

Vicious Luv,

7/23/2003 c31 Lovers-Anonymous
woah... is that the end? THAT CAN'T BE THE END! i need to know what happens to poor michelle! and what about billy?

ok this is going to be the LONGEST review ever... *sorry but i need to do this*... well i wrote down on post-its all the things that i wanted to comment on cuz i knew there would be alot *31 chapters...* so from the beginning and slightly jacked up along the way here it goes... probably the longest review you will ever get.

1. can you email me the origional story? i would luv to read it.

2.lol stop the urgin be a virgin! lol

3. paul- "lets crash the mall" that remindes me of AVRIL LAVIGNE in the sk8ter boi video... scury...

4. benji was so OVER EATING at that restaurant... i thought that was cruel lol.

5. THANKYOU for adding count chocula to the story... that is benji's fave cereal *aside from boo berry* and so i NEED my box of count C. every time i miss benji alot... its my "benji comfort food"... i know im obsessed.

6. how could joel CALL HIS HOUSE ... IF THE POWER WENT OUT! just a picky plot hole...

7. wouldnt benji and joel be able to tell eachothers voice appart and there for not attack eachother? i mean they are twins!

8.it seems like elizabeth didnt give a F* about hurting billy or michelle.

9. you love the word "snogging" dont you?

10. benji and joel are vegiterians too... so the hotdogs and hamburgers are kinda weird for me 2 read about

11. FINDING NEMO? ok Lea or Elizabeth TOTALLY picked that movie...

12. i feel SO bad for billy& michelle... what will ever happen to them?

13. lol because im 7 and you are ugly

THAT IS SO MEAN THOUGH! yet funny. i think its funny b/c benji is the OPPISITE of ugly...

14. benji singing about HIS good bunch of coacoanuts... *good thoughts... perverted yet good*

15. elizabeth got over billy too fast... doesnt she care... im really starting to NOT like her.. PLUS SHE FUCKED BENJI! THAT IS SO MY JOB!

16. o... untill chapter 23 i thought u meant Sarah as in benji and joel's sister sarah. i didnt know that it was an other character cuz she was going out w/ paul and not B or J

17. joels middle name is REUBEN u missed the first "e" but thats ok.

Overall- I LUVED THIS FIC! i want to bang benji... could u change elizabeth's name to Naomi mabey.. *not for the whole story* JUST for that scene. cuz i dont like billy that way and im not that ... well... heartless when it comes 2 ex's lol


Vicious Luv,

7/12/2003 c31 6SUBSTANTIVO
That was so cute! I hope Benji and Elizabeth stay together. Make sure you update ok?
7/11/2003 c31 15losingthebattle
i want to wear red flannel pajama bottoms, i want benj to sing to me, i want someone to slap me before i go crazy - oh oops, that already happened. oh well, one down, 2 to go.
7/6/2003 c30 losingthebattle
Funny...I wonder...snogging and walking...wonder how they ever manage it? hA.

Keep up the spoonfuls of Rachel kissing, haha, NOT. lol

UpDaTe SooN!
7/2/2003 c28 bob
aww how sweet, make more chaps
7/1/2003 c28 losingthebattle
Lol, cute... UpDaTe SooN!
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