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for Confused and Torn

6/22/2001 c1 kekadu
Cool. Sounds kinda like a situation I had with my friends. I wrote a song about it. How do you get so many reviews? I barely get any! Oh well. Its all good! Great poem... Soooo much emotion.
4/30/2001 c1 4canadian-teen
hey, this rocks! It is so true about the human condition! You go girl!
4/26/2001 c1 Aurora Lynn Rose too lazy to sign in
kool poem o-dude! i feel like that too... so "GET OFF MY GAWD DAMNED BACK! " lol jk. kool style
4/24/2001 c1 1Kat Darklighter
A truly excellent piece of work. It made me feel for you, but that last line just forced a smile out of me.
12/20/2000 c1 Darkling1
hm...well, aside from saying "gawd" at the end, I don't see a problem. If you're not comfortable saying god, though. try

g-d. It doesn't take away frmo the sound.
12/2/2000 c1 32Witchl3itch
*faking sobbing* that was so emotional *more sobbing* i wish i could write like that* *stops sobbing* GET A DANM GRIP GIRL!

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