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5/23/2003 c1 hazel
"Your voice makes me laugh

Your face makes me hurl

I hope that you know

You'll never get a girl... ^_^"

Nice one! Kinda reminds me of a guy I used to like...ΓΌ
5/13/2003 c1 10A Stranger In The Mirror
hmm... why does this poem of yours sound familiar?... *scrolls back to read the note ontop*.. Oh yeah, now I remember.. you wrote this right after the incident that happened between you and -toot- right?.. Haha! Now I remember.. you even asked for my help when you wrote this one,right? If I could remember, you just stormed into our room and asked for a piece of paper and a pen and started to write a poem about how frustrated you were after a few bitches set you up with that asshole... I just hope they get to read this one... Hell! Did they even say 'sorry' to you after they did what they did to you? Just wondering since my mind was busy texting someone else while you wrote this poem and while we were on the retreat.. Hehe!

Gosh.. That retreat brings back so many memories.. Even singing "Im With You" to sleep with Chynna was one of them.. Hehe.. Remember that? When she sang it in this "stitch" kind of voice? Gosh! Who could forget that one!

Okay.. Back to this poem of yours.. All of the lines made sense and not a single one was crap.. Trust me! I aint flattering you.. In fact, I understood every single thing you were trying to say.. And things I understand arent called "crap"..

Yup, its true... that asshole you once fancied is snobbish.. not to mention proud.. lazy.. demanding.. and, downright, ANNOYING! girl, what did you see in him which made you think he was cute? (or should I be asking that question to MARGARET instead? hehe...)

Now, here's a poem I would really like to dedicate to that LEE RYAN of BLUE.. I'm not saying that I'm jealous of his recent engagement to Liz McLarnon of Atomic Kitten who just sang a song called, "Love Doesn't Have To Hurt".. But, hey! LEE! I once fancied you.. But like I said in a review I posted before.. I DONT CARE WHERE YOU ARE AT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I AM SO HAPPILY MARRIED TO DUNCAN! ^RLMFAO^! ^LOL^!


God Made Coke

God Made Pepsi

But When God Made Duncan and James

DAMN! He Made Them Sexy

One Love,

Alyssa xx

P.S. my mom has a few doubts about my birthday party in ATC on my birthday (duh!)... Great poem, Lex! As always, you should have received the "Best In English" award when we were in grade 6.. Don't forget to remind me to give it to you when classes start...
2/12/2003 c1 Alyssa Guaner
hey there dude! Im finally happy to see that the poem you wrote during the retreat is posted right here! Kinda awesome, right?

The poem you've written is kinda what Im feeling right now.. mixed feelings.. anyways, as always.. nice poem!
2/7/2003 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
O0o0ooo0o0o0oo0oo0oh... -_- "YOU'LL NEVER GET A GIRL" ? hohohohohohohohohoho... is this directed to umm, elijah's twin? hint hint... I still stick to my word that if he ever gets soft, people including me will mistake him as gay... but hey, whatever floats your boat...

WOnderful POem as USUAL...

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